Disney Files Patents for Track-Switching Ride System and Walking Robots

Shannen Ace

Disney Files Patents for Track-Switching Ride System and Walking Robots

Disney has filed two new interesting patents, Orlando Business Journal shared. The first is for a ride system that could easily move ride vehicles from one kind of track to another, while the other involves walking robots.

Ride System Patent

disney patents 2023 10 09 at 11.07.51 AM

This image is from the “Transferring a Passenger Compartment Between Ride Systems Using Robotic Tool Changers” patent. With this system, robotic arms would transfer a moving ride vehicle quickly and safely from one track to another. For example, it could move a vehicle from a grounded track to an elevated track, with the intention of improving the ride experience because transferring a ride vehicle from one system to another usually takes a long time and has significant restrictions.

Walking Robots Patent

disney patents 2023 10 09 at 11.07.23 AM

This patent, called “Design of Stylized Walking gaits for Bipedal Robots,” is for an animation engine and editor that would help create various gaits for a bipedal walking robot. It reads, “This allows a legged robot to walk along an arbitrary path while expressing a custom animation ‘style,’ e.g., a happy walk, a sneaky walk or other manner of walking.”

Disney has been developing various robots and other systems that would allow a variety of characters to interact with guests. At SXSW in March 2023, they demonstrated a small roller-skating robot resembling Judy Hopps. A true-to-life Hulk meet and greet was available for a limited time at Disney California Adventure last year, thanks to Project Exo. Disney has also tested life size Tinker Bell technology.

The robot with different walking styles could be used for any number of unique Disney characters.

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