Disney Lorcana Scores Top 20 Spot on Good Housekeeping’s Best New Toys 2023 List

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Mickey Lorcana card in front of Fab 50 statue and Cinderella Castle

Disney Lorcana Scores Top 20 Spot on Good Housekeeping’s Best New Toys 2023 List

With significant buzz around Disney Lorcana shortages and reprints, some good news for the Ravensburger team: Disney Lorcana earned its way onto Good Housekeeping‘s Best New Toys 2023 List.

Good Housekeeping’s Best New Toys 2023

As retailers and production companies gear up for the holiday season, nods from respected companies like Good Housekeeping can bolster the season’s sales. People who have been able to find limited Lorcana stock overall agree that the game is fun and playable for adults and kids alike. One of the first Best Of lists for the season dropped today, and Illumineers will be quick to notice that their Disney trading card game made Good Housekeeping’s Best New Toys 2023 list.


From Good Housekeeping:

“Disney fans and collectible trading-card enthusiasts alike will love Ravensburger’s new strategy trading-card game, featuring all their favorite Disney characters. In Disney Lorcana, you play as an “Illumineer” that can use various items (like dragon fire), actions (“one jump ahead”) or characters (Elsa, Mickey, Stitch, Robin Hood and many others) to go on quests and acquire Lore — and stop their opponents from doing so. Players will need a 60-card starter card deck to get going, and then they can get booster packs to supplement their collection. Once they see all the Disney-inspired artwork on the cards, they’re going to want that collection to be as vast as possible.”


One other Disney product made the Best New Toys 2023 list as well: Disney Doorables Sqish’Alots, a new squishy version of Doorables (tiny characters with large heads that have been a blind bag staple for a few years).

Product Scarcity for Lorcana Leads to High Aftermarket Costs


More press for Disney Lorcana, such as the Good Housekeeping Best New Toys 2023 list, keeps the product fresh with consumers and potential players. The current limited stock has kept prices high, and we’ve shared with our readers how they can get some cards to play and best experience the game while the supply problem remains an issue.

The high aftermarket costs led to an initial problem with many local game stores marking up product to meet the market value, and costs remain high. Ravensburger announced a restock of product generally some time in October, and anecdotal stories support that some product is becoming available. Even at Walt Disney World, a small amount of Lorcana product has recently been spotted at Disney Springs, though it hasn’t stayed in stock even with purchase limits due to demand. Ravensburger’s highly anticipated Rise of the Floodborn release in December is already receiving a reprint, along with reprints of The First Chapter intended to meet the demand and bring down product cost.

Are you excited that Disney Lorcana made Good Housekeeping’s Best New Toys 2023 List? Let us know in the comments.

Gameplay Tips, Tricks, and More from The Illluminary Library

If the Best New Toys List 2023 has encouraged you to give the game a try, we’ve got a podcast that can help you learn how to play Disney Lorcana, build a great deck, and more. Learn to play the game here:

Once you’ve gotten the basics, check out our new Lorcana: The Illuminary Library video with some insight into building a great deck for competitive and casual play:

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