A ‘Seriously Cool’ 2000s-Era Lizzie McGuire Tumbler Has Arrived at Walt Disney World

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A ‘Seriously Cool’ 2000s-Era Lizzie McGuire Tumbler Has Arrived at Walt Disney World

We were “all over it” when we saw this new Lizzie McGuire tumbler at Walt Disney World. Lizzie McGuire merchandise is uncommon at the parks; the last time we saw any was a ladies’ shirt last February at Disneyland. If you’d like to score this “seriously cool” tumbler for your collection, we found it at the Emporium at Magic Kingdom.

Lizzie McGuire Tumbler – $24.99

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This display of pink tumblers at the Emporium caught our eye.


The tumbler is pink, with a printed design all over featuring the 2000s television star in her cartoon form. The tumbler is printed with flowers and phrases commonly used in the show.


The lid of the cup is green and screws on securely to help protect your beverage.


Lots of small, colorful flowers, Lizzie McGuire’s name, and more decorate the outside of the cup.


Lizzie is featured in a few different poses, along with her catchphrases.


The coming-of-age story featured Hillary Duff as the titular Lizzie McGuire, and this animated version of the character appeared on the show to break the fourth wall and share the character’s innermost thoughts.


The straw has a decorative plastic flower attached to it.

Will you be adding this Lizzie McGuire tumbler to your collection? Let us know in the comments.

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