New Disney Pin Trading Bags & Belts Arrive at Walt Disney World


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New Disney Pin Trading Bags & Belts Arrive at Walt Disney World

Do you like collecting Disney Pins? If so, you’re in luck, as several new pin bags and belts have recently debuted across Walt Disney World Resort. We spotted the new means through which you can transport and display your pins at both Pin Traders at EPCOT and Frontier Trading Post in Magic Kingdom.

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Black Mickey Pin Bag – $29.99

IMG 4467

We saw this new Mickey-shaped pin bag in faux black leather at both Pin Traders and Frontier Trading Post. The ears of the bag have small perforated holes in them to display your pins proudly.

The back of the bag has four black straps perpendicular to each other along with a silver zipper on the side that says, “Disney Pins” that opens to reveal space inside to store your extra valuables.

IMG 4468
IMG 4469

The spaced straps are designed to hold a belt, and they’re spaced the way they are to allow the customer to choose the way in which they wish to display the bag for themselves.

IMG 4480

Black Pin Bag/Phone Holder – $24.99

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This small bag, found at Frontier Trading Post, is an aesthetic complement to the Mickey bag, but is a simple rectangle as opposed to Mickey-shaped. It’s made of the same faux black leather material as the Mickey bag and features a clear opening on the front, presumably for a cell phone or extra pins. The flap that hangs over the top of the clear section contains perforated holes, allowing you to display your favorite pins next to the silver Mickey emblem at its center.

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Pin Trading Bags 2023 9

The back of the bag features two parallel loops with a perpendicular loop between them. The bag’s zipper features the same silver “Disney Pins” pull as the Mickey bag.

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White Pin Bag/Phone Holder – $29.99

Pin Trading Bags 2023 1

The white faux leather pin bag is structurally identical to its black counterpart. It contains a clear front section that reveals a pin-displaying area. The flap that hangs over the section contains several perforated holes that allow you to display pins. A golden “Disney Pins” emblem appears at its center.

Pin Trading Bags 2023 2
Pin Trading Bags 2023 3

The bag’s zipper and back layout are the same as the black bag, only in white instead of black. The interior of this bag contains a plain white lining. We also found this bag at Frontier Trading Post.

Pin Trading Bags 2023 5

Cinderella Castle Pin Bag – $24.99

Pin Trading Bags 2023 10

Display your pin collection beneath Cinderella Castle with this pin bag at Frontier Trading Post. The circular faux leather bag is white and contains a large bed with perforated holes at its center. The bed is visible through a clear plastic opening that’s been adorned with a golden decal of Cinderella Castle, the structure that’s stood as the icon of Magic Kingdom since the park’s opening day in 1971.

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Pin Trading Bags 2023 13

The back of the bag contains four loops. A golden version of the “D” from the official logo of The Walt Disney Company serves as the zipper’s pull.

Pin Trading Bags 2023 12

The interior of the bag is lined with a white material.

Pin Trading Bags 2023 14
Pin Trading Bags 2023 15

Disney Pin Bag Belts – $19.99

IMG 4470

We found four new Disney-themed designs for pin bag belts at Pin Traders. They all cost $19.99.

IMG 4471

First is a light blue belt with images of the Disney monorails on them that are red, yellow, blue, and green on one side and a full-length red monorail on the other side.

IMG 4472
IMG 4473 2

Next is a Mickey-themed belt with images of different Mickey Mouse faces smiling, winking, and licking his lips in black and white on one side, and then Mickey’s classical black red, and yellow color pattern for his outfit is on the other.

IMG 4474
IMG 4475

For pet lovers, there is a Disney animal and pets-themed dark blue belt with images of bones and different food items on one side and then images of different Disney animals on the other side such as Lady, Tramp, Pluto, Copper, Cheshire Cat, and Nana.

IMG 4476
IMG 4477

Lastly, there is a gold and white Cinderella Castle pin belt with images of the castle in a gold facade along with gold crest images set against a white backdrop. On the other side is a white background with the phrase, “Where Dreams Come True” in a gold cursive print surrounded by gold twinkling stars.

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