PHOTOS: 2023 Gingerbread Castle Celebrates Disney100 at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

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PHOTOS: 2023 Gingerbread Castle Celebrates Disney100 at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

The Disney100 gingerbread castle at Disney’s Contemporary Resort is now open and various sweet treats are available for purchase.

Disney100 Gingerbread Castle at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

contemporary resort gingerbread 2023 5963

From the Monorail station, a sign directs guests to the gingerbread display.

contemporary resort gingerbread 2023 5958

Disney’s Contemporary Resort has featured a gingerbread castle for several years now. In years past, it has had “Cinderella” or “Frozen” theming. Last year, it honored the 50th anniversary of Magic Kingdom.

contemporary disney100 gingerbread castle 2670

This year’s display is almost identical to the 50th anniversary version, but with platinum accents instead of gold.

contemporary disney100 gingerbread castle 2675

There are standees of the Mickey and Minnie “Fab 50” statues from Magic Kingdom, but now in platinum and with Disney 100 Years of Wonder plaques on their bases.

contemporary disney100 gingerbread castle 2677

The blue turrets of the gingerbread Cinderella Castle are wrapped in platinum ribbon.

contemporary disney100 gingerbread castle 2682

There are also tiny silver hidden Mickeys all over the display. We won’t spoil their locations, but you should be able to spot some in these photos.

contemporary disney100 gingerbread castle 2685

The castle has a Disney100 Years of Wonder plaque above its doorway, similar to the one that was on Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland.

contemporary disney100 gingerbread castle 2691

Behind the castle is a white version of the “it’s a small world” façade, with blue on the smiling face and clock.

contemporary disney100 gingerbread castle 2686

The top of the “it’s a small world” façade is lined with lights. The tallest castle turret is also gold.

contemporary disney100 gingerbread castle 2693

Along the front of the display’s base are large silver Mickey heads. These aren’t the hidden Mickeys, technically.

contemporary disney100 gingerbread castle 2695

Trees with silver stars on top and fireworks on their branches are to the sides of the castle.

contemporary disney100 gingerbread castle 2701

A platinum and purple sign to the side has information about the gingerbread display.

contemporary disney100 gingerbread castle 2706

There are 12 hidden Mickeys in honor of the display’s 12th year. There is also one hidden five-legged goat, in honor of Mary Blair’s famous artwork (see below). The display was assembled in 12 days using over 4,000 castle gingerbread bricks.

contemporary 2023 gingerbread treats 2784
contemporary disney100 gingerbread castle 2723

Treats Available at Gingerbread Castle

contemporary 2023 gingerbread treats 2828

To the left of the gingerbread display is a counter with various food and beverage items available for purchase.

contemporary resort gingerbread 2023 5962

Here is the drinks menu:

  • Frozen Hot Chocolate – $6.00
  • Frozen Horchata – $6.00
  • Hot Chocolate – $3.79
  • Coffee – $3.79
  • Floaters – $6.00 each: Bailey’s, Captain Morgan, Jack Daniels, Peppermint Schnapps, or Fireball Whiskey
contemporary 2023 gingerbread treats 2830
contemporary 2023 gingerbread treats 2835

A number of sweet treats are available for purchase, as well.

Winter Chocolate Twist – $5.99

contemporary resort gingerbread 2023 5988
contemporary 2023 gingerbread treats 2737

This white chocolate twist has blue and white drizzled icing on top, as well as snowflake sprinkles and an edible snowman.

Contemporary Gingerbread Brick – $6.50

contemporary resort gingerbread 2023 5991

It’s not the holiday season without a Disney resort gingerbread shingle or brick.

contemporary 2023 gingerbread treats 2743

You can get the bricks at Contemporary Resort.

Christmas Tree Butter Cookie – $5.29

contemporary resort gingerbread 2023 5983

This butter cookie is covered in green and red sprinkles.

contemporary 2023 gingerbread treats 2752
contemporary resort gingerbread 2023 5984

Peppermint Bark – $14.29

contemporary resort gingerbread 2023 5974

Bags of peppermint bark are available, if you’re after a treat with a lot of crunch.

contemporary 2023 gingerbread treats 2760

Hot Chocolate Caramel Fudge Bar – $7.79

contemporary 2023 gingerbread treats 2763

This Hot Chocolate Caramel Fudge Bar includes sprinkles and what look like Mickey head-shaped chocolate chips.

contemporary resort gingerbread 2023 5993
contemporary 2023 gingerbread treats 2766

Gingerbread Cookie (Gluten Friendly) – $5.79

contemporary 2023 gingerbread treats 2774

There is also a gluten-friendly treat available in the form of a gingerbread cookie.

contemporary resort gingerbread 2023 5996
contemporary resort gingerbread 2023 5997

Five-Legged Goat Suger Cookie – $5.49

contemporary 2023 gingerbread treats 2777

This sugar cookie features art of the iconic Five-Legged Goat originally illustrated by Mary Blair.

contemporary resort gingerbread 2023 5976
contemporary 2023 gingerbread treats 2781

The cookie has blue and snowflake sprinkles on the top and bottom, with the goat in the center.

contemporary resort gingerbread 2023 5980
contemporary resort gingerbread 2023 5975

Chocolate Peppermint Cookie – $5.49

contemporary resort gingerbread 2023 5982

Like the other sweets, this chocolate peppermint cookie comes individually wrapped.

contemporary 2023 gingerbread treats 2790

The cookie is topped with chocolate icing and peppermint shavings.

Pistachio Linzer Cookie – $6.29

contemporary resort gingerbread 2023 5972

This cookie resembles a holiday wreath.

contemporary resort gingerbread 2023 5971
contemporary resort gingerbread 2023 5978

The wreath cookie is green, and features green, red, and white sprinkles. At the top of the cookie are two chocolate circles and a chocolate Minnie bow to make the wreath more Minnie-esque.

Paint Your Own Cookie Box – $25

contemporary resort gingerbread 2023 5970

This cookie box is silver with a red bow.

contemporary 2023 gingerbread treats 2805

Inside is a kit for decorating a cookie.

contemporary resort gingerbread 2023 5968

Gingerbread Latte Cupcake – $6.49

contemporary resort gingerbread 2023 5965

Finally, the gingerbread latte cupcake brings the sweets lineup to a close.

contemporary 2023 gingerbread treats 2813

This cupcake includes light brown icing, chocolate shavings, and a chocolate gingerbread man.

Gingerbread Loaf – $5.29

contemporary resort gingerbread 2023 5986
contemporary resort gingerbread 2023 5987

Check out the full lineup of 2023 gingerbread displays at Walt Disney World, including the Victorian-style gingerbread house at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. Also check out this year’s gingerbread house pins.

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