PHOTOS: NEW Adventureland Treehouse Attraction Poster Debuts at Disneyland Park

Kyle Silagyi

PHOTOS: NEW Adventureland Treehouse Attraction Poster Debuts at Disneyland Park

Kyle Silagyi

PHOTOS: NEW Adventureland Treehouse Attraction Poster Debuts at Disneyland Park

A new attraction poster for the Adventureland Treehouse has debuted at Disneyland Park, its arrival coinciding with the opening of the attraction to all guests on November 10.

New Adventureland Treehouse Attraction Poster Debuts

Adventureland Treehouse Poster 1

The new poster can be found between the Pirates of the Caribbean and Matterhorn attraction posters underneath the Main Street, U.S.A. railroad station as you enter Disneyland Park. Much like the new attraction itself, this poster replaces artwork for Tarzan’s Treehouse, which formerly occupied this space.

Adventureland Treehouse Poster 2

The new artwork showcases a stylized depiction of the recently updated treehouse, with its intricately detailed and general vintage-like appearance fitting right in alongside the other attraction posters. “Adventureland Treehouse” is printed at the bottom of the poster in a stylized gold font. “Disneyodendron Semperflorens Grandis” is printed above it in black; according to D23, the official Disney fan club, this phrase roughly translates to “large ever-blooming Disney tree.” The phrase is also referenced in the Adventureland Treehouse itself, as the attraction contains a plaque that reads “The Family Tree / Disneyodendron Semperflorens Grandis.”

Attraction-specific artwork debuted near the entrance of Disneyland Park shortly after its 1955 opening; though initially meant as a means through which to excite guests for what they were about to experience, the posters have since become beloved, and even iconic, thanks to their distinctiveness and detailing.

Adventureland Treehouse

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The Adventureland Treehouse is inspired by “Swiss Family Robinson,” a 1960 Walt Disney-produced film that also served as the basis of the original Swiss Family Treehouse that opened in the Adventureland section of Disneyland on November 18, 1962. The Swiss Family Treehouse closed in 1999 and re-opened later that year as Tarzan’s Treehouse, with the latter rendition unexpectedly ceasing operations in the summer of 2021. Its “Swiss Family Robinson”-inspired reimagining as the Adventureland Treehouse was announced in late 2022.

Both previous versions of the attraction are referenced in the Adventureland Treehouse, as is the Society of Explorers and Adventurers. The updated attraction centers around a family of five who have made their home in a jungle tree, fashioning their home out of objects available to them in their isolated location. Guests are invited to explore their home and the rooms of each family member; the attraction contains unique theming, referential music, and even animated ostrich and monkey figures.

Adventureland Treehouse opened for Magic Key holder previews on November 9 ahead of its general opening on November 10, you can check out our full written tour of the new attraction here. You can also watch our full video tour of the attraction:

What do you think of the new Adventureland Treehouse poster near the Disneyland Park entrance? Are you excited to check out the Adventureland Treehouse? Let us know in the comments.

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