Mandarin Version of ‘Try Everything’ Released in Honor of Zootopia Land at Shanghai Disney Resort

Shannen Ace

Mandarin Version of ‘Try Everything’ Released in Honor of Zootopia Land at Shanghai Disney Resort

To celebrate the upcoming opening of Zootopia Land at Shanghai Disneyland, the resort released a Mandarin version of “Try Everything,” the main song from the “Zootopia” film.

Mandarin “Try Everything”

“Try Everything” was originally written in English by Sia, Tor Hermansen, and Mikkel Eriksen. Shakira performed the song and voiced the pop star Gazelle in the film. The Mandarin version is performed by Ayanga and Esther Yu. It’s available for streaming and download in China and internationally on major music platforms.

Zootopia Land

Zootopia Hot Pursuit Concept Art 1

The main attraction of the Zootopia Land will be Zootopia: Hot Pursuit. Guests will be a rookie police officer at the Zootopia Police Department (ZPD). Residents of the animal city are gearing up for a Zootopia Day concert featuring Gazelle. Guests are assigned as backup to Officer Judy Hopps and her partner, Officer Nick Wilde, and ride police car-inspired vehicles.

Guests will be caught up in an action-filled police chase, traversing Zootopia’s various terrains, “sliding across the ice of Tundra Town, prowling for fugitives through the streets of Sahara Square, sharing a too-close-for-comfort encounter at Mystic Springs Oasis, and plummeting from the canopies of the Rainforest District all in pursuit of Bellwether and her gang to track down Gazelle.”

In September, Shanghai Disney Resort shared a preview of Officer Clawhauser and Chief Bogo animatronics from the ride.

zootopia land characters concept rendering

There will be various meet and greets and interactions with characters from “Zootopia.” Characters that will appear include Fru Fru, her father Mr. Big, Koslove the polar bear, Flash the sloth, Yax the yak, Duke Weaselton the weasel, and the Hopps family, who will talk amongst themselves and with guests from the windows of Zootopia buildings. In 2021, we got a preview of a Yax animatronic.

At Jumbeaux’s Cafe, guests can get the famous “pawpsicle” — a paw-shaped popsicle as seen in “Zootopia.” They will also be able to enjoy a Chocolate Marshmallow or Officer Clawhauser’s favorite donuts. Guests can shop at Fashions by Fru Fru by the entrance of Mane Street. The Zootopia Cute collection, new headwear, apparel, accessories, and more will be available at Fashions by Fru Fru. Inside, there will also be special areas themed after Yax and Duke Weaselton.

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