New Contemporary Resort and Wilderness Lodge Gingerbread Ornaments Available Now at Walt Disney World

Shannen Ace

New Contemporary Resort and Wilderness Lodge Gingerbread Ornaments Available Now at Walt Disney World

Two more gingerbread ornaments have joined the 2023 gingerbread house collection at Walt Disney World. These gingerbread house ornaments can be found at their respective resorts.

Gingerbread Ornaments

We first discovered the Beach Club and BoardWalk Inn gingerbread ornaments with the gingerbread pins a few weeks ago, but have included them below, along with the Grand Floridian gingerbread ornament which was released with the opening of the resort’s gingerbread house.

Wilderness Lodge Gingerbread Ornament – $24.99

gingerbread ornaments 2023 5719

The ornaments have three charms attached to each other with golden chains, with a silk ribbon for hanging on the tree.

gingerbread ornaments 2023 5721

The top charm is a small red and silver version of the resort’s logo — in this case, the Disney’s Wilderness Lodge logo features a mother bear and her child walking in front of mountains.

gingerbread ornaments 2023 5724

The ribbon on this ornament is a light blue color.

gingerbread ornaments 2023 5723

The largest charm on each ornament resembles the resort’s main building. Disney’s Wilderness Lodge appears as though it’s made of gingerbread, with white icing, lollipops, and gumdrops.

gingerbread ornaments 2023 5722

And a character (or three) has been turned into gingerbread cookies on the third charm. This one features Meeko, Percy, and Flit from “Pocahontas.”

Though the ornaments are mostly for resorts that have gingerbread displays, Disney’s Wilderness Lodge only had a gingerbread house in 2019.

Contemporary Resort Gingerbread Ornament – $24.99

gingerbread ornaments 2023 2129

This ornament has a light blue-green silk ribbon attached to the red and brown plaque-like top charm.

gingerbread ornaments 2023 2132

It looks like a bite has been taken out of the Disney’s Contemporary Resort logo cookie.

gingerbread ornaments 2023 2131

The iconic resort is transformed into a gingerbread house complete with a Walt Disney World Monorail car moving through it.

gingerbread ornaments 2023 2130

The featured characters are Edna Mode and Jack Jack from “The Incredibles.”

gingerbread ornaments 2023 2133
gingerbread ornaments 2023 2136

Disney’s Contemporary Resort has a Disney100 gingerbread castle on display.

Grand Floridian Gingerbread Ornament – $24.99

gingerbread ornaments 2023 1536

This ornament has a pink silk ribbon.

gingerbread ornaments 2023 1539

Again, the top charm has a bite taken out of it.

gingerbread ornaments 2023 1530
gingerbread ornaments 2023 1531

Mickey and Minnie gingerbread cookies are dangling from the bottom. They are decorated with white and red Victorian-style winter clothes.

gingerbread ornaments 2023 1532
gingerbread ornaments 2023 1533

As usual, Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa has a Victorian-style nearly life-size gingerbread house.

BoardWalk Inn Gingerbread Ornament – $24.99

2023 wdw gingerbread ornaments 0432

The BoardWalk Inn gingerbread ornament also features a Mickey gingerbread man at the bottom.

2023 wdw gingerbread ornaments 0435

The gingerbread display at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn is a miniature version of BoardWalk Deli.

2023 wdw gingerbread ornaments 0434

The center charm resembling the resort is complete with “BoardWalk” spelled out with faux candy letters.

2023 wdw gingerbread ornaments 0433

This gingerbread Mickey wears a red and green outfit.

Beach Club Gingerbread Ornament – $24.99

2023 wdw gingerbread ornaments 0451

The Beach Club gingerbread ornament has a pink silk ribbon and features “The Little Mermaid” characters.

2023 wdw gingerbread ornaments 0452

In past years, Disney’s Beach Club Resort has had a “Little Mermaid”-inspired gingerbread carousel, but this year the gingerbread carousel is inspired by DuckTales World Showcase Adventure.

2023 wdw gingerbread ornaments 0455
2023 wdw gingerbread ornaments 0454
2023 wdw gingerbread ornaments 0453

The character cookie charm is Ariel in mermaid form with Flounder.

2023 wdw gingerbread ornaments 0436
2023 wdw gingerbread ornaments 0437

The life-size gingerbread baby giraffe (Ginger) and zebra (Debra) will also return to the Jambo House lobby at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge on November 22, and gingerbread displays will arrive at the American Adventure in EPCOT for the 2024 EPCOT International Festival of the Holidays on November 24.

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