Add Some Magic to Your Holiday Décor With NEW Disney Princess Porcelain Ornaments Available at Magic Kingdom


Add Some Magic to Your Holiday Décor With NEW Disney Princess Porcelain Ornaments Available at Magic Kingdom

A new collection of Disney Princess porcelain ornaments has arrived at Magic Kingdom for the holiday season.

ye olde christmas shoppe 1

We found them at the Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe in Liberty Square.

IMG 3164

Twelve different Disney Princess ornaments were available, all priced at $54.99.

Belle Ornament – $54.99

IMG 3139

This ornament showcases the heroine from the 1991 animated film, “Beauty and the Beast,” in her classic yellow ball gown.

IMG 3140

Belle is depicted looking down and reading a book in her hands.

Snow White Ornament – $54.99

IMG 3141

This ornament features the princess from Disney’s first feature-length animated film, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”

IMG 3142

Snow is shown wearing her classic red, blue, and yellow dress. She holds a basket on her right arm, and is skipping with a smile on her face.

Ariel Ornament – $54.99

IMG 3143

The Ariel ornament has the character in her mermaid form.

IMG 3144

Her tail is a vibrant blue-green with silver accents. Her shells are a deep, metallic purple, and she appears to be carrying a pink shoulder bag. Ariel’s face is full of hope and longing as she looks up toward the surface.

Aurora Ornament – $54.99

IMG 3145

Aurora’s ornament has the princess wearing her pink dress, which features gold filigree painted accents.

IMG 3146

She picks up part of the dress in her left hand, and looks over her right shoulder.

Mulan Ornament – $54.99

IMG 3147

Mulan’s ornament features a new take on her casual green, blue, and yellow outfit.

IMG 3148

Her blue bodice now has red, green, and gold accents. She also holds her father’s sword in her right hand.

Moana Ornament – $54.99

IMG 3149

The Moana ornament depicts the heroine standing confidently, one hand on her hip, and the other holding her oar.

IMG 3150

Her facial expression matches her confident pose.

Tiana Ornament – $54.99

IMG 3151

For this ornament, Tiana wears her iconic green dress from the 2009 animated film.

IMG 3152

Her dress is made of lily pads and has an airbrushed look to it.

Pocahontas Ornament – $54.99

IMG 3153

This ornament has Pocahontas in a running pose, wearing her signature outfit from the 1995 animated film.

Jasmine Ornament – $54.99

IMG 3156

The Jasmine ornament has the princess of Agrabah wearing her classic blue two-piece outfit.

IMG 3157

This time, her outfit features metallic blue accents in addition to the light blue-green colorway.

Rapunzel Ornament – $54.99

IMG 3158

The lost princess from “Tangled” is depicted in her iconic pose for this ornament, holding her long hair.

IMG 3159

She wears her trademark purple dress, which includes gold painted accents for this ornament collection.

Cinderella Ornament – $54.99

IMG 3160

The final ornament in this collection is of Cinderella, who wears her blue ball gown.

IMG 3161

The dress is decorated with silver accents on the skirt.

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