NEW Walt Disney World 2024 Merchandise Includes Model Vehicles, Mickey Mouse Plush, & More

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NEW Walt Disney World 2024 Merchandise Includes Model Vehicles, Mickey Mouse Plush, & More

Sing Auld Lang Syne in style this year alongside items from the new Walt Disney World 2024 merchandise collection. Pieces of the new line have slowly rolled out at several locations across Walt Disney World Resort over the past few weeks, as we’ve previously spotted celebratory hats, ear headbands, pins, and clothing at Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. We found the latest items of the collection at Thimbles & Threads on Disney’s Boardwalk and at Bayview Gifts and Fantasia Market at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, and found a few more pieces at EPCOT and back at Magic Kingdom.

2024 Kids Tie-Dye Sweater – $39.99

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Late December typically isn’t the warmest time of year, so make sure your kiddo is bundled up with this 2024 kids’ tie-dye sweater. The crewneck features an all-over black-and-white tie-dye design that serves as a non-intrusive backdrop for the sweater’s vibrant central image.

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The Minnie Mouse artwork printed on the front of the shirt is consistent with the aesthetic seen on other items that are part of this collection. Minnie stands in the center of a circle with “2024” printed around her in yellow type. Vivid illustrations of several Disney Parks characters and icons surround her; we see depictions of Cinderella Castle, Spaceship Earth, the Tree of Life, the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, the Enchanted Rose, Mickey’s sorcerer hat, Buzz Lightyear, Orange Bird, a crown, Figment, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Tinker Ball, and the Luxo Jr. Ball. The vintage Walt Disney World logo appears at the bottom of the image, printed in black against a yellow oval.

2024 Women’s Shirt – $26.99

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This women’s t-shirt is white and features much of the imagery seen on the kids’ crewneck and across the collection. The park and character illustrations fill the negative space left between yellow, pink, and blue “2024” icons. There are also depictions of Mickey and Minnie Mouse set against bright blue backgrounds.

While the shirt contains many of the icons seen on the crewneck, it does include a few others, including a Mad Tea Party teacup, Cinderella’s carriage, a Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room bird, and Space Mountain.

2024 Mickey Mouse Plush – $29.99

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Mickey takes on a slightly altered colorway in this plush, trading in his traditionally black fur and red shorts for dark blue hair and bright pink bottoms.

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He wears a vibrant blue hoodie that stretches down his arms to his white gloves. A “2024” logo featuring Cinderella Castle is printed in the middle of his sweater, with a vintage Walt Disney World logo printed beneath it in yellow.

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Multi-colored fireworks appear around the entire hoodie.

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Mickey’s traditionally yellow shoes remain.

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2024 Merchandise Baseball – $12.99

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Make 2024 a home run with this new baseball. The ball contains several of the images seen throughout the rest of the line, including the pink “2024” logo printed between its seams.

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A light blue wave-like design is printed beneath the 2024 logo, which sticks out against the rest of the ball thanks to a bordering indentation. Similar effects are used around the rest of the icons on the ball; said illustrations depict Tinkerbell, Dumbo, the Luxo Jr. ball, Buzz Lightyear, a Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room bird, and Mickey’s sorcerer hat.

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The other piece of leather contains illustrations of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, each appearing above a yellow “2024” logo. Mickey and Minnie appear in blue circles and are surrounded by icons depicting Orange Bird, Dumbo, Buzz Lightyear, and Tinkerbell. Mickey’s sorcerer hat appears between his ears.

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Each of these designs also features the bordering indentation effect.

2024 Die-Cast Bus – $17.99

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The festive die-cast bus features a blue design that evolves from navy to sky blue from the base of the vehicle to its roof. Star details appear along the bottom of the side of the bus below its central image, a long oval design that features a yellow “2024” icon flanked by Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

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Faux decals appear in the bus windows. We see fireworks alongside Mickey’s sorcerer hat, Buzz Lightyear, Orange Bird, and Dumbo.

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“Magical Moment” is written in the destination indicator at the top of the front of the bus.

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“2024” is written in yellow font where the vehicle’s rear license plate should be.

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The oval “2024” design, sans Mickey and Minnie, appears on the top of the roof.

2024 Model Hauler – $29.99

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Add some festive spirit to your collection with this 2024 Peterbilt Model 387 hauler. The truck itself is navy blue and features a light blue firework-enriched Mickey head on its side. A yellow “2024” icon appears on top of the truck.

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The truck’s trailer features the same navy-to-light-blue design as the bus and also borrows its Mickey and Minnie-flanked 2024 design, sans oval. Mickey and Minnie are surrounded by stars and fireworks on the side of the trailer.

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The top of the trailer features a “2024” icon. It appears alongside stars, fireworks, and the Dumbo, Mickey’s sorcerer hat, and Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room bird icons.

2024 Aluminum Bottle – $29.99

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This aluminum water bottle is covered with a rainbow gradient design. The individual numbers that make up “2024” are stacked along one side of the container.

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Minnie appears in the initial two, while Cinderella Castle emerges from the first zero.

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Mickey sits in the second two while a blue Spaceship Earth appears inside the four.

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A vintage Walt Disney World logo is seen on the other side of the bottle. It’s white with a thin black outline.

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The bottle’s lid matches the top of the container in striking pink color. The inside of the bottle contains no branding or detailing.

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2024 Photo Album – $24.99

more 2024 merchandise 1 1

We spotted this photo album at BVG..

more 2024 merchandise 2 1

The back shows the four park icons. It also tells buyers that there are 50 photo sleeves to hold 200 photos.

more 2024 merchandise 3 1

Inside, the pages have different park images and memo space.

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2024 Sling Bag – $39.99

more 2024 merchandise 14 1

We spotted this sling bag at BVG.

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more 2024 merchandise 16 1

The bag has several pockets.

more 2024 merchandise 17 1
more 2024 merchandise 18 1
more 2024 merchandise 19 1

Inside, there’s a charging cable for your devices.

2024 Glass Mug – $19.99

more 2024 merchandise 22 1

This glass mug was at BVG as well.

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The mug has a wavy handle and a print of Cinderella Castle with Mickey and Minnie on the front.

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2024 Adult Tank Top – $34.99

more 2024 merchandise 27 1

We found this at BVG.

more 2024 merchandise 28 1

The front of this adult tank has Cinderella Castle prominently featured in the bold colorway of this merchandise set.

2024 Adult Tie-Dye Sweater – $54.99

more 2024 merchandise 25 1

This sweater was at BVG.

more 2024 merchandise 26 1

The front of the shirt has Tinkerbell, Buzz Lightyear, and Dumbo creating colorful arches over the four parks’ icons, with an additional icon for Magic Kingdom: Space Mountain.

2024 Ornament – $29.99

We found these new ornaments in Fantasia Market.

more 2024 merchandise 29 1

The mickey ear ornament has the year and icons printed on the head section, with fireworks on the ears.

more 2024 merchandise 30

A figural Mickey Mouse sits on top of the ornament, arms outstretched.

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The back of the ornament continues the fireworks theme, and has “The Most Magical Place on Earth.”

2024 Photo Frame – $26.99

more 2024 merchandise 37

This photo frame also has a Mickey figure, with park icons on each of the ears. We found it at Fantasia Market.

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2024 Light-Up Ornament – $29.99

more 2024 merchandise 41

This light up ear hat ornament is at Fantasia Market as well.

more 2024 merchandise 42

Mickey and Minnie stand on top of the ornament.

more 2024 merchandise 43
more 2024 merchandise 44

The back has Dumbo and Tinkerbell.

more 2024 merchandise 45
more 2024 merchandise 46

The “2024” lights up from behind, with colorful plastic numbers illuminated.

2024 Autograph Book – $24.99

more 2024 merchandise 47

We found this autograph book at Fantasia Market.

more 2024 merchandise 48
more 2024 merchandise 49
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more 2024 merchandise 51

The autograph pages have photo sleeves for photos with characters.

Youth Happy New Year Tee – $21.99

2024 New Year Youth Shirt Creations 2

This youth shirt was in Creations Shop.

2024 New Year Youth Shirt Creations 1

2024 Ombré Starbucks Tumbler – $49.99

2024 Starbucks Tumbler 4

We found this Starbucks tumbler in Emporium.

2024 Starbucks Tumbler 1

The Starbucks logo is on one side…

2024 Starbucks Tumbler 3

….and Mickey with “2024” is on the other.

2024 Keychain – $14.99

2024 Keychain 1

This keychain is in Emporium.

2024 Beach Towel- $29.99

2024 beach towel 1

We spotted this towel in Emporium.

2024 beach towel 2

2024 Mickey Parks Magnet – $9.99

2024 Youth Tee – $26.99

We spotted this youth tee in the Emporium. It has the same allover print as several items in the collection, perfect for the youth in your life to wear while they ring in the new year.

2024 Baby Onesie – $24.99

2024 onesie

This baby onesie has the four park Mickey Mouse design featured prominently on the front. The onesie is yellow with contrasting blue leg cuffs and collar.

2024 onesie 2

The onesie is short sleeved with snaps for easy on, easy off.

2024 Youth Zip Hoodie – $39.99

2024 youth zip hoodie 1

We spotted this youth zip hoodie at Island Mercantile in Animal Kingdom.

2024 youth zip hoodie 2

The heather grey hoodie has a four-park design on the front breast.

2024 youth zip hoodie 3

The back of the hoodie has a large colorful Mickey design, with the mouse himself wearing his sorcerer’s hat. He is surrounded by park icons and characters.

Which new piece of the Walt Disney World 2024 merchandise collection is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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