NEW Button-Up Shirt, Bucket Hat, & More 2024 Merchandise Rings In New Year at Walt Disney World

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NEW Button-Up Shirt, Bucket Hat, & More 2024 Merchandise Rings In New Year at Walt Disney World

You don’t have to wait for the ball to drop to celebrate the new year, as several pieces of 2024 merchandise celebrating Disney characters both classic and new recently debuted at Walt Disney World Resort.

New 2024 Merchandise at Walt Disney World

We spotted pieces of this collection in several different places across the property, with some locations already putting together specific displays to showcase the new 2024 merchandise.

featured image 2024 merchandise collection Emporium

This stand at Disney’s Hollywood Studios had a few options to top off your look with a hat or headband celebrating 2024.

featured image 2024 merchandise collection 12 1 23

This collection was spotted at Thimbles and Threads at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn.

Minnie Mouse 4-Park 2024 T-Shirt – $34.99

minnie 2024 merchandise walt disney world shirt 1

This 2024 Minnie Mouse shirt is a cropped, boxy style. Minnie on the front of the shirt wears a pink bow. The shirt says “Walt Disney World 2024” and uses bright, vibrant colors.

minnie 2024 merchandise walt disney world shirt 3

This shirt has the four park icons in the corners (Cinderella Castle, Spaceship Earth, the Tree of Life, and the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror). Images representing attractions and events throughout Walt Disney World property circle Minnie’s face: Figment, Aladdin’s lamp, a Pixar Luxo ball, Buzz Lightyear, Orange Bird, Beast’s rose, a Mad Tea Party teacup, and Dumbo the Flying Elephant are present.

Blue 2024 Zip Hoodie– $59.99

blue 2024 zip hoodie wdw 12 1 23 2

This 2024 hoodie is blue and has the year on the front of the jacket.

blue 2024 zip hoodie wdw 12 1 23 3

The numbers are interspersed with characters featured in attractions at Walt Disney World, including Buzz Lightyear, Tinkerbell, Figment, and Dumbo the Flying Elephant.

blue 2024 zip hoodie wdw 12 1 23 4

A vintage Walt Disney World logo is printed on the front pocket.

2024 Button-Up Shirt – $64.99

2024 button up shirt 5

This button-up features a large, bold 2024 icon printed in several places across it.

2024 button up shirt 6

Park icons, characters, and objects are interspersed with “2024” in this vibrant design.

2024 button up shirt 7

The shirt buttons up in the front, and it has a front breast pocket.

2024 button up shirt 8

The shirt has a camp collar, which can be further buttoned up to resemble a traditional button-up shirt.

2024 button up shirt 9

The design has the sword in the stone, park icons, Buzz Lightyear, Tinkerbell, Mickey Mouse, one of Mad Hatter’s teacups, and of course an all-over 2024 print.

2024 button up shirt 11

Other images appear on the shirt, including Cinderella’s coach, Figment, and more.

2024 Autograph Pen – $9.99

2024 Mickey Pen 6

We spotted this bowl of pens at Star Traders.

2024 Mickey Pen 1

Use this pen to celebrate the new year and collect autographs from your favorite characters.

2024 Mickey Pen 2

The pen’s allover print is the same as the button-up shirt above, with park icons, characters, and more.

2024 Mickey Pen 3

The chunky pen’s barrel has lots of room to squeeze in many different characters and park images.

2024 Mickey Pen 4

The top of the pen has a blue Mickey head as a clicker.

2024 Bucket Hat– $34.99

2024 Bucket Hat 6

This blue bucket hat matches the zip-up hoodie above with its striking blue tone.

2024 Bucket Hat 4

The hat says “2024” on it with the Walt Disney World logo embroidered below. The zero in the year has Cinderella Castle inside of it.

2024 Bucket Hat 5

The hat is fully reversible, and the underside…

2024 Bucket Hat 3

….has the allover print used in other pieces in this collection.

2024 Bucket Hat 2

The background on this piece is pink.

2024 Reversible Lanyard – $14.99

2024 lanyard 1

One side of this reversible lanyard is navy blue and features much of the iconography used in other pieces of the collection.

2024 lanyard 2

The imagery seen on both sides of the lanyard mostly references Magic Kingdom, with Cinderella Castle appearing alongside illustrations of classic attractions and Disney characters.

2024 lanyard 4

Mickey and Minnie appear in vibrant circles. They’re situated amongst depictions of Buzz Lightyear, Dumbo, and a bird from Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room, among several other icons.

2024 lanyard 3

“2024” is printed throughout this side of the lanyard in yellow.

2024 lanyard 5

The Magic Kingdom motif stretches to the other side of the lanyard. This section features white outlines of Cinderella Castle, a Mad Tea Party teacup, and Tinkerbell against a black background.

2024 lanyard 6

White and pink fireworks give a splash of color to the dark lanyard.

2024 lanyard 7

The lanyard features a DisneyPins tag at the bottom.

2024 Mystery Pin Set – $19.99

2024 blind box 4

If you can’t decide which 2024 pins you want, let fate decide for you with this mystery pin box. The yellow box contains an outline of Cinderella Castle on its front and small depictions of all of the pins available through the package on its side.

2024 blind box 3

The pins are aesthetically similar to one another, each featuring a Disney character set against a blue-bordered black circle with “2024” printed at its base in green. The characters one may find on pins in this box include Winnie the Pooh, Orange Bird, Mushu, Genie, Simba, the Cheshire Cat, Chip, and Dumbo. Each box contains two randomly selected pins.

Happy New Year 2024 Shirt – $29.99

More 2024 merch WDW 3

The “Happy New Year” top slightly diverts from the aesthetic cues of the rest of the collection while still borrowing some of its imagery. The black t-shirt places Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck, Goofy, and Pluto in front of an outline of Cinderella Castle as fireworks ignite in the background. “2024” appears in large colorful type beneath them; the zero features Minnie’s polka dot design while the patched-up pattern on the four resembles Goofy’s attire.

More 2024 merch WDW 4

“Happy New Year” is printed in white beneath the year. This particular outline of Cinderella Castle and the vintage Walt Disney World logo are also used in other pieces of the collection.

2024 Pin Set – $34.99

More 2024 merch WDW 2

If you don’t want to push your luck with the mystery pin box, guarantee that you get at least a few of the characters with this 2024 pin set. The vibrant package is adorned with six pins, all of which look quite similar to one another.

More 2024 merch WDW 1

Each pin features the year, with “20” stacked above the “24” in a blue-gradient font. The type is bordered with a thick yellow outline. Where the individual pins differ are with the characters that emerge from the zero; the set features collectibles containing Mickey, Simba, Minnie, the Cheshire Cat, Dumbo, and Genie.

2024 Pin Starter Set – $39.99

More 2024 merch WDW 5

This 2024 pin starter set comes with a vivid lanyard that features a bright green backdrop, a departure from the dark navy and black tones on the aforementioned reversible cord. This lanyard features yellow, pink, and baby blue stripes, with “2024” interspersed across it.

The set also comes with four circular pins, all of which feature characters emerging from circles with layered borders. The characters depicted are Donald, Chip ‘n’ Dale, Goofy, and Pluto; all of the collectibles in the set have “2024” present at their base.

Which recently released piece of 2024 merchandise is your favorite? Will you be picking any of it up on your next trip to Walt Disney World Resort? Let us know in the comments.

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