PHOTOS: Incorrect Plaque on Astro Orbitor Construction Wall Removed

Dylan Kennedy Grey

PHOTOS: Incorrect Plaque on Astro Orbitor Construction Wall Removed

A plaque on the construction wall surrounding Astro Orbitor containing incorrect dates and information about the Magic Kingdom version of the attraction has been removed.

Incorrect Plaque on Astro Orbitor Construction Wall Removed

astro orbitor plaque removed 1

We noticed a series of plaques on the construction walls surrounding the Astro Orbitor containing history and information about the attractions at Disney Parks around the world, but one of the plaques had factual errors.

astro orbitor plaque removed 2

The plaque has since been removed.

astro orbitor plaque removed 3

Removed Plaque Contained Date Errors

Astro Orbitor Construction Wall Plaque Contains Incorrect Information

Work walls were placed around Astro Orbitor last week as the ride closed for a refurbishment that will stretch into 2024. Plaques detailing the history of different versions of the ride were added to the walls after initial installation, with the decoration detailing the past of the Magic Kingdom attraction featuring incorrect dates.

Astro Orbiter wrong

The plaque suggested that Astro Orbiter opened at Magic Kingdom in 1995 as a reimagining of Star Jets, which itself was an opening day attraction at the park. Neither of these dates are correct.

Star Jets did not open at Magic Kingdom until November 1974. It closed in January 1994 before reopening just over three months later — in April 1994 — as Astro Orbiter.

The Magic Kingdom plaque was the lone decoration to feature such inaccuracies, with all other plaques containing accurate dates.

Astro Orbiter Plaques 1
Astro Orbiter Plaques 2
Astro Orbiter Plaques 3
Astro Orbiter Plaques 4

The timing of the incorrect plaque roughly coincides with the introduction of a new holiday map at Disneyland Park. The front of the guide is decorated with a photo of the famous Christmas tree erected on Main Street U.S.A. each year, but the quality of the image itself is poor, resulting in a pixelated map cover that is noticeable and easily avoidable.

image 23

In January of this year, a statue was installed on Main Street, U.S.A., at Disneyland Park to kick off Disney100 celebrations. The Mickey Mouse sculpture featured a banner that read, “It all started with a mouse,” a misquote of the Walt Disney statement, “It was all started by a mouse.” The statue was promptly updated with the correct quote.

What do you think about incorrect dates being printed on a historical plaque displayed on the construction walls surrounding Astro Orbitor, then removed without a replacement? Let us know in the comments.

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