Did You Know You Can Swap Your DVC Points for a Disney Cruise?

Jason Diffendal

Did You Know You Can Swap Your DVC Points for a Disney Cruise?

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Today is the first of World of DVC’s 10 Days of Enchanting Deals! For today’s deal, when you use DVC Rental Store and swap 500 or more points, you can get a bonus of 75 points to use toward your amazing vacation!

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But you may be asking, what is this “swap” thing you’re talking about? Let me give a bit of background and then explain the swap program and show an example.

Exchanging DVC Points

If you’ve even taken a DVC tour, you know one of the selling points that the guides always mention is that you can use your DVC points for vacations that are not DVC resorts. They call this the “World Collection.” In timeshare parlance, this is known as an exchange. DVC members can exchange points via Interval International, an association of timeshares all over the world. Basically you’re trading your timeshare for someone else’s, so that you can go somewhere different.

But DVC also offers other types of exchanges in addition to the Interval International program. And the most popular exchange is with Disney Cruise Line. This allows DVC owners to exchange DVC points for a cruise. The exact number of points required for a particular sailing depends on a lot of factors, but generally tracks with the cash price of the cruise. Because of the ease of this transaction (DVC Member Services handles everything), this exchange is popular with DVC members. But the not-so-secret downside to this exchange is that you are not getting a lot of value for your points. To say it another way, it costs a heck of a lot of points for a cruise, and if you look at how much each point is worth compared to the cash price, you’re getting a pretty bad deal. Disney is basically renting your points for way less than their market value and giving you a cruise in return.

But what if there was a way to do this exact same kind of exchange of DVC points for a Disney Cruise but get a much better deal? Luckily for us savvy DVC owners, there is just such a way. It’s called the DVC Rental Store Swap Program. You can let DVC Rental Store handle the transaction instead of Disney, and you’ll need a lot less points to do the same exact exchange. Here is an example using real-life numbers.

Example Cruise Swap

Ship: Disney Wish
Itinerary: 4 Night Bahamian Cruise out of Port Canaveral
People: 4 (2 Adults & 2 Children)
Dates: November 4-8, 2024

Disney Cruise Line Cash Price: $5,165.48

Points required for exchange through DVC Member Services: approx. 567 points.
[267 points for first 2 guests in Category 5A cabin + 150 points for each child]
Note that Disney charges a $95 transaction fee for this exchange.

Points required for exchange through DVC Rental Store Swap Program: approx. 287 points.
There is no transaction fee with DVC Rental Store.

You’d save 280 points and $95 by doing the swap through DVC Rental Store, and you’re getting the same exact Disney Cruise Vacation!

But wait, there’s more!

DVC Rental Store also offers other kinds of swaps. You can swap your DVC points for a trip to Universal Orlando Resort, a beach vacation home, an adults-only getaway to a Sandals resort, or even an Orlando area vacation home. Disney certainly isn’t going to offer to swap your DVC points for a stay at Universal!

Today’s Enchanted Deal

Starting today and running through December 22, when you swap points, DVC Rental Store will give you a bonus of 75 points when you swap 500 points or more through their swap program. That’s a $1350 value! So get going and plan that 2024 vacation to take advantage of this great deal!

The 10 Days of Enchanting Deals continues for 9 more days! Here is a sneak peek at what is coming up next.

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This post contains sponsored content from DVC Rental Store. Help support WDWNT by using the links in this article to book your next resort stay with our sponsors, DVC Rental Store.


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