PHOTOS: The Cake Bake Shop Begins Installing Duct Work, Concrete Refurbishment at Jellyrolls & More Construction at Disney’s BoardWalk

Toni Ferrigno

Disney's Boardwalk

PHOTOS: The Cake Bake Shop Begins Installing Duct Work, Concrete Refurbishment at Jellyrolls & More Construction at Disney’s BoardWalk

As construction continues around Disney’s BoardWalk, we got a look at the latest updates being made to the Walt Disney World destination.

Thimbles & Threads at Disney’s BoardWalk

IMG 7118

Concrete work at Disney’s Boardwalk is making progress outside of Thimbles & Threads, with crews spotted working behind the rolling planters during a recent visit.

Boardwalk construction IMG 6581

Inside of Thimbles & Threads, guests were met with a sign asking to pardon the pixie dust and to use a different exit.

Boardwalk construction IMG 6521

Next to Thimbles & Threads, crew members were working on the foundation.

Boardwalk construction IMG 6523

A pile of stacked bricks can be seen behind the rolling planters.

Boardwalk construction IMG 6522

Plastic sheeting was put up on the building as the work was done.


Boardwalk construction IMG 7120

Rolling planters surround the exterior of Jellyrolls.

Boardwalk construction IMG 7124 1

We saw crew members working on the entrance to the dueling piano bar. It has remained open during the construction.

Boardwalk construction IMG 0685 1 1

When we visited again later in the same week, we saw that the rolling planters had been moved.

Boardwalk construction IMG 0686 2

Despite the concrete getting some TL, we spotted quite a bit of chipped paint that could use a touch-up.

Boardwalk construction IMG 0687 1

Disney’s BoardWalk Villas

Boardwalk construction IMG 0681 1

During our recent visits, we also saw crews working inside one of the buildings for Disney’s BoardWalk Villas.

Boardwalk construction IMG 0683 1
Boardwalk construction IMG 0684 1

While we were there, the entirety of the BoardWalk smelled of construction dust and paint — not ideal for dining al fresco.

The Cake Bake Shop by Gwendolyn Rogers

IMG 7147

Construction on The Cake Bake Shop by Gwendolyn Rogers has made progress since we last visited. The BoardWalk’s new dining location will replace the former ESPN Club, which closed in 2022.

IMG 0669

Window boxes are taking shape and more tin has been added to the roofing.

IMG 7145
IMG 6424
IMG 6446

Some wiring is visible along the roofline.

IMG 0673

Upon closer look inside the framework of the building, you can see air ducts have been installed.

cakebake shop 1200x780 1

Originally announced to have a 2023 opening timeframe, The Cake Bake Shop’s Facebook page now says they’re scheduled for an early 2024 debut. When it opens, it will be both a table service restaurant and a quick service bakery, serving breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, desserts, and cocktails.

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