NEW Tinker Bell nuiMOs Plush Flutters Onto shopDisney

Toni Ferrigno

Tinker Bell nuiMos

NEW Tinker Bell nuiMOs Plush Flutters Onto shopDisney

A new Tinker Bell nuiMOs plush has made her way onto the shopDisney site.

Tinker Bell Disney nuiMOs Plush — $21.99

Tinker Bell Numio

Peter Pan’s pixie pal, Tinker Bell, is the latest Disney character to be turned into a nuiMOs plush. Tinker Bell comes with all of her signature features, from her green dress and her matching pom pom slippers to her iconic wings.

Tinker Bell Numios

Her small bun is tied up in a green ribbon. Her hands have magnets so that they can close together or hold hands with other nuiMOs. The posable figure can wear any of the various Disney nuiMOs outfits, including the new Disney nuiMOs New Year’s Eve Collection Outfit and the Disney nuiMOs Holiday Outfit – Winter Collection.

Disney nuiMOs

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Tink joins a large group of nuiMOs characters from Disney. This year, we’ve seen Ahsoka, Sandy Claws Jack Skellington, Mulan, Edna Mode, Alice, and the White Rabbit all get the nuiMOs treatment.

If you aren’t familiar, the name “nuiMOs” is a mix of the Japanese word “nuigurumi,” which means “plush doll” and the word “model.” Originating in Japan, nuiMOs have made their way to both shopDisney and the Disney Parks, with new characters and outfits constantly being updated.

What do you think of the new Tinker Bell nuiMO? Will you be adding her to your collection? Let us know in the comments.

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