Figment Leads NEW Walt Disney World Parades Pin Series

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Figment Leads NEW Walt Disney World Parades Pin Series

A new pin-of-the-month series for 2024, Walt Disney World Parades, has arrived. The first pin in the series features Figment, the beloved purple dragon from EPCOT’s Journey Into Imagination attraction.

Walt Disney World Parades Figment Pin – $19.99

WDW Parades Figment pin Jan 24 2 edited

What will make this series a parade set is the ring and hook at the front and back of each pin, allowing you to string them together to create a Walt Disney World parade. Unlike the Characters on Parade series from 2022, it appears they are creating a procession consisting of famous theme park attractions rather than recreating an actual one that has exited. Honestly, this looks like it would be a parade us park fans would love to see in real life.

WDW Parades Figment pin Jan 24 1

The pin features Figment in his trademark yellow and red sweater. He is riding in the current vehicle for his attraction, Journey Into Imagination with Figment. A fun fact: these vehicles are actually from the original Journey Into Imagination from 1983, but were painted red and themed to the Imagination Institute for Journey Into Your Imagination in 1999 (the less aid about that version of the ride, the better). If you’re curious about the long history of Figment and his EPCOT rides, you can read the full story here.

The pin also features the hills that mountain climber Figment ascends in the attraction, as well as his lightbulb hot air balloon and giant tube of rainbow paint.

The pin has a limited edition size of 3,000. It is available at most locations that sell limited edition pins as of today.

Figment has received a lot of love in merchandise lately, from the release of his own Little Golden Book, to the upcoming release of a new popcorn bucket at the 2024 EPCOT International Festival of the Arts. Guests of course can now meet Figment at the ImageWorks in EPCOT as of last year.

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