Mulan and red lantern in Hurry Home Lunar New Year tag

PHOTOS, VIDEO: ‘Hurry Home’ Pre-Show Returns to ‘World of Color – ONE’ For Lunar New Year 2024 at Disney California Adventure

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The “Hurry Home” Lunar New Year pre-show has returned to “World of Color – ONE” at Disney California Adventure for the 2024 celebration. The show, performed at 9:00 p.m. each night, follows a lost lantern who encounters Mulan and Mushu.

Hurry Home Lunar New Year Pre-Show

Water fountains glow red and gold during "World of Color - ONE."

The tag’s score is composed by Academy Award winner Tan Dun. It’s a six-minute show, incorporating the lagoon’s fountains, water screens and projections, and fireworks.

A photo of the red lantern on the water projection screens.

The main character of “Hurry Home” is a red lantern with a long tassel.

Mushu and the red lantern shown on the water projection screens.

Mushu has always been featured in “Hurry Home,” but his presence is even more thematic this year as it is the Year of the Dragon. The lunar year will officially begin on February 10, 2024.

During the 2024 Lunar New Year Celebration, guests can also see Mushu in “Mulan’s Lunar New Year Procession.”

Water projections from the "Hurry Home" tag.

The Lunar New Year Celebration at Disney California Adventure began on January 23 and lasts through February 18. “Hurry Home” will be performed each night of the festival.

Water fountains light up blue and red.

Guests can also meet Meilin and Ming Lee from “Turning Red” for the first time during Lunar New Year. Meilin will appear in red panda form for the “Better Together: A Pixar Pals Celebration!” daytime parade during Pixar Fest later this year.

Mulan and the red lantern in "Hurry Home."

During “Hurry Home,” Mulan helps the little lantern find its way home to its family.

Mushu appears as water fountains light up blue and red around him.

The show ends with another appearance by Mushu, as well as “Happy New Year” projected in different languages.

"Happy New Year" is projected on the water screens.

Lunar New Year is commonly called “Chinese New Year,” but it’s celebrated in multiple countries and cultures that use the lunar calendar. Lunar New Year is commonly celebrated in Vietnam, Singapore, and South Korea, in addition to China.

"Happy New Year" in Vietnamese is projected on the water screens.

“Chúc Mừng Năm Mới” is “Happy Lunar New Year” in Vietnamese.

New year phrases in Chinese characters projected on the water screens.

New year phrases also appear in Chinese characters.

More new years phrases in Chinese characters projected on the water screens.

Then red and gold fireworks go off. The color red symbolizes good luck and fortune. It’s the main color associated with the Lunar New Year.

Red and gold fireworks explode in the sky.

Watch the 2024 “Hurry Home” Lunar New Year “World of Color – ONE” pre-show below.

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