PHOTOS: Mission: SPACE Attraction Sign Removed at EPCOT as Exterior Refurbishment Continues

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mission: SPACE sign removed from the front of the attraction

PHOTOS: Mission: SPACE Attraction Sign Removed at EPCOT as Exterior Refurbishment Continues

The attraction sign for Mission: SPACE has been removed from EPCOT, as the ride continues undergoing exterior refurbishments.

Mission: SPACE Sign Removed

A wide shot of the exterior to Mission: SPACE at EPCOT.

The Mission: SPACE sign usually sits in the round planter found outside of the ride. The sign is the latest item to be removed from the attraction’s exterior as refurbishments continue. The large model of planet Earth, which is normally placed behind the Mission: SPACE sign and spaceship on the left side of the photo, was removed in August of 2023, and has yet to be returned.

A photo of the planter where the Mission: SPACE attraction sign is normally located.

It’s possible that the sign is just being refurbished, or it could be preparation for the 2024 EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival. The Buzz Lightyear topiary is usually located near this attraction during the event.

A closer look at the newly-planted shrubbery in the planter outside Mission: SPACE.

For now, the empty spot where the sign was installed has been replaced with a new patch of plants, seen above in a slightly brighter shade of green than the rest of the shrubs around it.

A photo of Mission: SPACE with its attraction sign in place.

Above is a view of what the front of the attraction looks like with the sign and Earth in their usual places. Work on the exterior began in May of 2023, and several adjustments have occurred. Changes have been made to the ride’s exit, planet seats and benches have been removed, the pavement has been updated, and galactic mosaics have been added to the walkways. There is no word yet on when the full extent of refurbishment will be complete.

What are your thoughts on the ongoing refurbishment of Mission: SPACE? Is this a must-ride for you when you visit EPCOT? Sound off in the comments.

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