PHOTOS: Celebrate San Fransokyo Square with New Ringer T-Shirt Featuring Art from the Land at Disney California Adventure

Brit Tuttle

This week, we spotted a new ringer T-shirt that’s directly inspired by San Fransokyo Square at Disney California Adventure, featuring art you might’ve seen while exploring the land.

We found the T-shirt at the San Fransokyo Maker’s Market, the merchandise shop located in the land.

San Fransokyo Square Adult Ringer T-shirt – $39.99

A San Fransokyo Square ringer T-shirt hangs on a rack.

This ringer T-shirt is all white with black rings around the neckline and short sleeves. This design is for adults only.

A close-up of the art on the ringer T-shirt.

The front of the shirt features stylized art of the Torii Gate Bridge, with waves in hues of blue below. A red-to-yellow gradient sun sits behind the bridge and two white clouds, with the “SFS” logo on it in dark blue ink. Extending out from the sun are silhouettes of koi fish kites, similar in look to the wind turbine atop Rita’s Turbine Blenders.

A photo of the T-shirt's original art, pulled from one of the murals in San Fransokyo Square.

This art comes straight from one of the murals in the land. Specifically, this one can be found above the entrances to the Baymax bathrooms. Compared to the original mural, the art looks virtually the same when translated to the shirt.

We also recently found two new Baymax-themed ear headbands and more merchandise in the land.

Would you add this T-shirt to your closet on your next visit to San Fransokyo Square? Let us know in the comments.

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