NEW Red Minnie Mouse and Valentine’s Day Starbucks Tumblers Arrive at Disneyland Resort

Brit Tuttle

Collectors of Starbucks tumblers, listen up! We’ve spotted two new additions that have just arrived at Disneyland Resort, waiting to join your collection.

We found both of these tumblers at Trolley Treats in Buena Vista Street at Disney California Adventure.

Red Minnie Mouse Starbucks Tumbler – $49.99

A reporter holds up the Red Minnie Mouse Starbucks tumbler.

This tumbler features an all-over studded exterior, with Minnie Mouse’s trademark red with white polka dots pattern underneath. On one side of the cup is a graphic of Minnie in full color, standing next to the Disneyland Resort logo. This tumbler was also recently released at Walt Disney World.

A reporter shows the back of the Red Minnie Mouse Starbucks tumbler.

The other side of the tumbler features an all red chrome take on the Starbucks mermaid logo.

A close-up of the Minnie Mouse Bow straw topper.

The included black straw comes with a Starbucks-branded topper that is shaped like Minnie’s bow. The topper can be kept on the straw while drinking, with its lid-like design.

Valentine’s Day Disneyland Resort Starbucks Tumbler – $49.99

A reporter holds up the Valentine's Day Disneyland Resort Starbucks tumbler.

The other new Starbucks tumbler we found was one dedicated to Valentine’s Day, which is just under a month away. The travel cup has a matching studded exterior to that of the Red Minnie Mouse tumbler, but features a simpler chromatic pink-to-red shift design.

This tumbler also has the Starbucks mermaid logo on one side.

A look at the back of the Valentine's Day Starbucks tumbler, featuring Mickey Mouse.

The other side features a square, single-color graphic of Mickey Mouse standing above the Disneyland Resort logo. The colors change depending on where the tumbler is positioned in relation to the light around it. We also found this recently at Walt Disney World Resort.

A close-up look at the heart-shaped straw topper.

This tumbler also includes a themed straw topper, this time shaped like a heart. The colors are pink and red to match the design of the tumbler.

Will you be adding either of these Starbucks tumblers to your collection? Or maybe you would prefer this more overt Disneyland-inspired option? Let us know in the comments.

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