PHOTOS: Ceiling, Lighting, and More Triangle Panels Installed on CommuniCore Hall in EPCOT

Shannen Ace

Steel ceiling of CommuniCore awning

PHOTOS: Ceiling, Lighting, and More Triangle Panels Installed on CommuniCore Hall in EPCOT

We’re seeing major progress on CommuniCore Hall, a new building in the center of EPCOT and the last element of the park’s years-long reimagining. This week, ceiling panels and lighting were installed on the façade, as were more triangular panels.

CommuniCore Hall Construction

CommuniCore Hall around Plaza

The steel ceiling panels were visible on the underside of the long awning structures that jut out from the building around CommuniCore Plaza. The edges of these awnings don’t have final paneling yet, just yellow sheathing.

Steel ceiling of CommuniCore awning

Sticking out of the steel ceiling are small poles with yellow ties on them. These may hold lighting fixtures soon.

Crew member working on CommuniCore

From another angle, we saw a crew member on scaffolding working on the ceiling.

Spaceship Earth wall of CommuniCore

We saw more new lighting elements behind this Spaceship Earth-inspired wall. This is where guests will enter the new permanent Mickey & Friends meet and greet space.

Light visible through Spaceship Earth panels

Black panels behind the Spaceship Earth paneling are covered in small silver dots. Through the panels, we could see one new light hanging from the ceiling.

Lighting seen through the triangle installations on CommuniCore Hall.

Two more of the lights in the same style were more clearly visible on this side. They hang from gray poles.

Wiring in the ceiling as seen through the triangle-shaped gaps.

We saw wiring in the ceiling for another light to be installed later.

A wide shot of the construction along the side of CommuniCore Hall.

More white triangular-shaped panels have been installed on a nearby wall. This is also reminiscent of Spaceship Earth, but the panels are flat against the wall instead of three-dimensional.

A look at the holes along the triangular paneling.

There are holes where panels have yet to be installed.

CommuniCore Hall will also house a demo kitchen, a gallery space, and a mixology bar. CommuniCore Plaza will have a stage for live performances.

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