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Disneyland Resort Reportedly Limits Multiple Experience Passes to Only Lightning Lane Attractions

Shannen Ace

Disneyland Resort has reportedly changed which attractions are available with a multiple experience pass, which is issued to guests when a ride they reserved Lightning Lane access for breaks down.

Disneyland Multiple Experience Pass Update

Disneyland Resort has reportedly changed which attractions are available for a Multiple Experience Pass.

TikTok user The Trev Production (Trevin) alerted WDWNT to the change. On a recent trip, their friend had purchased Genie+ and reserved Lightning Lane access for Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin. When the ride broke down before the friend could ride it, they received a multiple experience pass. Guests can view these passes in the Disneyland app, just like a Lightning Lane.

The guest tried to use the pass to skip the line at Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage and Alice in Wonderland, but the pass didn’t work. Neither attraction offers Lightning Lane but, previously, a multiple experience pass could still be used at rides that don’t have Lightning Lane. Cast Members at both rides were reportedly confused about the pass not working.

Trevin shared in the above TikTok video a screen recording of a multiple experience pass’s eligible attractions in February 2024, comparing it to the eligible attractions in May 2023, and noted rides without Lightning Lane are no longer listed as eligible.

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Image Source: The Trev Production

When Trevin contacted Disneyland customer service through online chat, a Cast Member said multiple experience passes that were issued for a canceled Lightning Lane “cannot be used for attractions without Lightning Lane.”

Tiktok user @edgarish commented on The Trev Production’s video, “I went a month ago and was able to use the multiple experience pass on the Ferris wheel in cal adventure” — referring to Pixar Pal-A-Round, which does not offer Lightning Lane, indicating this was a very recent change.

User @Weasel101, on the other hand, said they had the same issue as Trevin’s friend in December 2023.

It’s possible this multiple experience pass update is being tested or is based on different factors like how busy the park is. Stay tuned to WDWNT for more updates as we continue to investigate.

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2 thoughts on “Disneyland Resort Reportedly Limits Multiple Experience Passes to Only Lightning Lane Attractions”

  1. I noticed this change in mid January when I had a multi experience DAS pass and even though it was DAS and used to be valid on non lightning lane rides, it no longer let you use it there. This change is about a month old now.

  2. Very interesting!I was at DCA and Disneyland on 2/22/24 and I had a lightning lane for monster’s Inc and the ride broke down and I was given a multiple experiences pass but I was able to use it on the Pixar pal a round.That same day alot of rides broke down.I was given 3 multiple experiences passes throughout the day and I used them on Pixar pal a round,Roger rabbits cartoon spin, and Alice in wokderland.And that same day I was thinking to myself that if you have a Lightning Lane and it breaks down you should be allowed to use it on any attraction with lightning lane because I was using lightning lane the whole day from rope drop til close.


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