PHOTOS: Final Touches Being Added to Hotel du Canada During Refurbishment at EPCOT Canada Pavilion

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Hotel du Canada

PHOTOS: Final Touches Being Added to Hotel du Canada During Refurbishment at EPCOT Canada Pavilion

While most of the scaffolding has been removed from Hotel du Canada in the Canada Pavilion of EPCOT, work is not yet complete on the refurbishment of the building.

Canada Pavilion Construction

A wide shot of the Canada Pavilion. Construction walls are up in front of the Hotel du Canada facade.

Since work began last summer, construction walls have blocked access to most of the upper area of the Canada Pavilion. Northwest Mercantile and Trading Post have remained open but guests have not been able to access the street and staircase with views of the waterfalls and gardens.

A close-up of the door into Hotel du Canada, hanging open.

During a recent visit, we could see a door into the Hotel du Canada hanging open. This used to be the entrance to Le Boutiques des Provinces, but the shop closed many years ago, long before this refurbishment project. Hotel du Canada acts as storage and Cast Member space.

A wide shot of Hotel du Canada.

Though the fake hotel looks large, it’s a great example of Disney using forced perspective to make a building look bigger than it is.

A medium shot of scaffolding on one side of Hotel du Canada.

Le Cellier Steakhouse is the basement of Hotel du Canada. It has also remained open, though with walls, scrim, and scaffolding around its entrance. The only remaining scaffolding is above Le Cellier, reaching about halfway up the façade.

A medium shot of the roof, windows, and brickwork of Hotel du Canada.

Before this refurbishment project, the building’s stones were a more tan color. They have been painted gray. The roof was previously brown. It’s been repainted green with weathering details. The roof has actually been a similar shade of green in years past.

Walls around the entrance to Le Cellier

Le Cellier Steakhouse is open for lunch and dinner from noon to 9 p.m. Dinner begins at 4 p.m.

Yellow cord hanging over two columns of the Hotel du Canada facade.

We noticed a few signs that work is still ongoing even in areas of the Canada Pavilion where scaffolding has been removed. Above the rockwork to the right of the Le Cellier entrance is a pair of columns. We saw a yellow cord hanging over the tops of the columns.

The backside of Hotel du Canada facade.

We also noticed signs of work on the back of Hotel du Canada, visible from near the currently closed staircase.

A close-up of a fallen curtain behind a window

The curtain in the window at the bottom right corner has fallen and is sitting half visible through the glass. Behind it is a scrim or tarp, so you can’t actually see into the “hotel.”

Work ladders stacked on a balcony.

On the balcony in front of the windows are a few work ladders stacked on top of each other.

Construction walls blocking access to a set of stairs near Canada Far and Wide.

There are construction walls blocking access to the stairs near Canada Far and Wide. There doesn’t appear to have been any construction work on the stairs, however.

A locked construction gate blocking a set of stairs.

Other EPCOT construction projects include the façade refurbishment in the U.K. Pavilion and the construction of CommuniCore Hall in World Celebration.

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