PHOTOS: Construction Walls Create Bottleneck on World Showcase Bridge in EPCOT

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PHOTOS: Construction Walls Create Bottleneck on World Showcase Bridge in EPCOT

The reimagining of EPCOT is near its end but not yet complete as construction continues on CommuniCore Hall and the surrounding area.

World Showcase Bridge

World Showcase bridge EPCOT construction

Construction walls now jut across the World Showcase bridge, creating a bottleneck for guests walking from World Celebration onto the bridge. The black construction walls are between the merchandise kiosks at the front of the bridge.

Guests walk around black construction walls in EPCOT near the World Showcase bridge.

The walls have lights mounted on them to keep the sidewalk illuminated. They run close to a planter that sometimes houses festival signs and topiaries. The EPCOT International Festival of the Arts is currently ongoing.

Guests walk around construction walls in World Celebration Gardens.

The walls are right next to the Spaceship Earth design in the pavement that was revealed with World Celebration Gardens. The gardens opened on Walt Disney’s birthday last year and a statue of him called Walt the Dreamer was also unveiled.

Construction walls block the sidewalk toward the Imagination! Pavilion.

There are also construction walls blocking the sidewalk running towards the Imagination! Pavilion. This part of the rose walk is scheduled to be closed for five weeks.

A view of the construction on the EPCOT rose walk from the monorail.

The rose walk runs next to CommuniCore Plaza and CommuniCore Hall, which are the last major pieces of the years-long EPCOT reimagining that remain to be completed. CommuniCore Hall will house a permanent Mickey & Friends meet and greet.

CommuniCore Hall

Crews at work on an upper floor of CommuniCore Hall.

During multiple visits to EPCOT this week, we saw crew members working on this wall of CommuniCore Hall. It’s on the World Nature side of the building and features slanted black panels with holes in them. Two crew members were on scaffolding near the top of the wall.

A closer view of crew members working on CommuniCore Hall.

At different times, the crew members had placed small white rectangles on the wall. There is a transparent tarp covering the bottom half of the wall.

A view of the CommuniCore Hall construction, with the leftmost building sporting Spaceship Earth-style triangles along its wall.

The wall next to this one is almost completely covered in Spaceship Earth-inspired paneling. According to concept art, that is where the Mickey & Friends meet and greet will be located. CommuniCore Hall will also have a gallery space, demonstration kitchen, and mixology bar.

Several crew members stand together on the roof of CommuniCore Hall.

Several crew members were on top of the building this week, too. CommuniCore Hall was originally supposed to open in 2023 but construction was delayed.

World Nature Walkway

Construction on the pathway from the EPCOT entrance to The Seas Pavilion

The walkway leading from the EPCOT entrance to The Seas Pavilion is now closed and work is underway on a new walkway from Spaceship Earth to World Nature. The temporary walkway opened in 2019 during World Celebration construction.

The new walkway will run past the Journey of Water station. There is the outline of a pathway leading up to the station, but that will likely be for Cast Members.

New concrete poured along the pathway to The Seas Pavilion.

Fresh pavement has been poured to the left, on the other side of the white walls that create a corner. More concrete will fill in the dirt spaces between the two walkways.

Flex Space

Construction work at the EPCOT flex space.

Over by the Imagination! Pavilion, this flex space remains under construction. It has been closed off for years, but construction on the area only recently began, with new pavement creating a sidewalk running through the space. There are several lampposts with orb lights and railings.

Temporary wood fencing surrounds large holes in the ground.

Temporary wood fencing surrounds large holes in the ground past the paved area. The hole in the center of this photo is surrounded by a short concrete wall. There’s a digger parked behind it.

Possible planters in the flex space.

There are short pink walls outlining future pathways and planters. A dark railing cuts through the paved space, leading out of a short concrete column.

More construction in the EPCOT flex space.

We don’t yet know exactly what is planned for this area, but it will likely support EPCOT’s various festivals.

Crews are also refurbishing the Canada Pavilion and U.K. Pavilion facades.

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