New ‘Iwaju’ Merchandise Arrives at Walt Disney World

Shannen Ace

New ‘Iwaju’ Merchandise Arrives at Walt Disney World

Merchandise for the new Disney+ series “Iwájú” has arrived at Walt Disney World Resort. The series is a result of a collaboration between Walt Disney Animation Studios and Kugali Media, a Pan-African British-based entertainment company.

‘Iwájú’ Merchandise

Iwájú merchandise display

All six episodes of the new original series will premiere on Disney+ on February 28, 2024. “Iwájú” takes place in a futuristic sci-fi version of Lagos, Nigeria. It was created by Ziki Nelson, Hamid Ibrahim, and Toluwalakin Olowofoyeku; written by Adeola Hudson and Halima Hudson; and directed by Nelson.

Iwájú merchandise display

We found the new merchandise at Mickeys of Hollywood in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The collection includes shirts, a ball cap, a belt bag, a notebook, and more.

Adult T-Shirt – $39.99

Iwaju pocket t-shirt

This shirt is gray with a pattern of diamonds, circles, and stripes. The pattern is mostly black with accents of neon pink, blue, and orange. The Iwájú logo is on the right sleeve.

Close-up of Iwaju pocket t-shirt

The breast pocket has exposed pink stitching. A pink lizard is also pictured on the pocket. The lizard character in the series is named Otin. This shirt is also available on shopDisney, which has rebranded back to Disney Store.

Flat Bill Ball Cap – $29.99

A reporter holds up the Iwaju ball cap.

The ball cap is black with three white symbols on the front. A pink line separates the cap and the flat bill brim, which is covered in a yellow, orange, and blue pattern. Two characters are pictured in diamonds.

A reporter shows the bill of the ball cap.

The characters are Tola, described as “a young girl from a wealthy island,” and Kole, who is a “self-taught tech expert.”

A reporter shows the back of the ball cap.

The back of the ball cap has a pink plastic adjustable strap. It is also available for purchase from the Disney Store.

Belt Bag – $29.99

A reporter holds up the Iwaju belt bag.

The belt bag is mainly black and dark gray, featuring the same all-over pattern as the T-shirt. It has a pink plastic zipper. It can also be found at the Disney Store.

A close-up of the Iwaju belt bag.

A patch on the front features the “Iwájú” logo, as well as the wordmarks for Walt Disney Animation Studios and Kugali Media.

A reporter shows the patterned straps of the belt bag.

The bag’s strap has a diamond pattern in black and gray. The buckle is pink plastic.

A reporter shows the inside of the belt bag

The interior is solid black.

“Iwájú” is a coming-of-age story, with Tola and Kole discovering “the secrets and dangers hidden in their different worlds.”

Youth T-Shirt – $31.99

An Iwaju youth T-shirt hangs on a clothing rack.

The youth tee is white and features an image of Tola, Kole, and Otin. Their names and “Team Up” are listed to the left. Tola is wearing purple overalls and an orange tee while Kole wears an orange and yellow striped shirt with cargo shorts.

A closer look at the t-shirt.

There are blue sci-fi designs around the neck and on the sleeves, as well as yellow and red designs continuing onto the back. The background also has a subtle gray diamond and striped pattern. This is also available through the Disney Store.

Tumbler with Built-In Straw – $29.99

A reporter holds the Iwaju tumbler.

The plastic water bottle has the same image of Tola and Kole on the outside. They’re set against the black and gray pattern of the T-shirt with neon accents. The bottle is 577 milliliters or 19.5 ounces.

A reporter shows the built-in straw at the top of the tumbler.

The cap has a built-in flip-up straw. It’s black with a blue-white design. You can also find it at the Disney Store.

Keychain – $14.99

A reporter holds a packaged Iwaju keychain.

The keychain has a fabric strap on a metal ring. The strap is a teal green with a black diamond pattern across it. There are two charms also hanging from the ring.

A close-up of the keychain.

A silicone teal charm reads “Powerful Together” in pink lettering. A pleather charm features an orange lizard with white patterns.

Notebook – $26.99

A reporter holds an Iwaju notebook.

The notebook features the same black, gray, and neon-colored pattern. A patch of Tola and Kole is on the front. It has a green elastic band to keep it closed.

A close-up of the notebook band charm of Otin.

On the band is a charm of Otin, depicted as yellow with a teal shirt or cape. Otin appears to be a type of salamander that can change colors (although the trailer hints at him being something more).

A look at the inside cover of the notebook.

The inside of the cover is green with a diamond and lizard pattern.

A look at the lined pages of the notebook.

The white lined pages feature the silhouetted profiles of Tola and Kole.

A reporter shows the back of the notebook.

The “Iwájú” logo is on the back.

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