PHOTOS: All Character Topiaries at 2024 EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival

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Figment and flower topiaries in World Celebration

PHOTOS: All Character Topiaries at 2024 EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival

Topiaries new and old decorate EPCOT during the 2024 EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival. The new this year include “Wish,” “Coco,” and Groot displays.

2024 EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival Topiaries

Asha, Valentino, and Star from “Wish” – Main Entrance

Asha, Valentino, and Star from "Wish" topiaries at Main Entrance

Asha from “Wish” is in the flowerbed facing the park’s entrance. Her dress is made of pink and purple flowers. Star “floats” above her hand.

A closer look at the new Asha, Wish, and Valentino topiaries.

Plants arranged to look like large mushrooms are around Asha.

A close-up of the Valentino topiary.

Her goat friend, Valentino, is at her side.

Figment – World Celebration Plaza

Figment and flower topiaries

Figment is in the EPCOT logo planter at the center of World Celebration Gardens. He’s surrounded by giant pink flower topiaries.

Figment topiary

This Figment topiary marks the first time the gardens have been used for a festival.

Figment topiary close up

The Figment topiary has previously been displayed in front of the Imagination! Pavilion.

Huey, Dewey, and Louie – World Discovery

Huey, Dewey, and Louie topiaries

Huey, Dewey, and Louie are lined up with gardening tools in this World Discovery flowerbed. Large pink flowers are also next to them.

Donald Duck – Community Garden Near Connections Cafe

Community Garden with Donald topiary

Donald is in the Community Garden next to Connections Eatery, also in World Discovery.

Donald Duck topiary

He’s holding a garden hoe and a bag of seeds. A bee is perched on his forehead.

Groot – World Discovery Near Cosmic Rewind

Groot topiary in World Discovery

The new Groot topiary is holding up a cassette tape near Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. The topiary plays music from the “Guardians of the Galaxy” movies.

Groot topiary with cassette tape

The tiny insect topiaries around Groot are from the “I Am Groot” series on Disney+.

Buzz Lightyear – World Discovery Near Mission: SPACE

Buzz Lightyear topiary

Buzz Lightyear welcomes travelers to space outside Mission: SPACE.

Buzz Lightyear topiary close up

He’s located in a flowerbed not far from the attraction’s entrance.

Woody, Bo Peep, and Her Sheep – World Nature Between Imagination! and The Land

Toy Story topiaries at 2024 epcot international flower & garden festival

Buzz’s friends are on the other side of the park in World Nature. You’ll find Woody with Bo Peep and her three sheep.

Woody topiary

This flower bed is between the Imagination! Pavilion and The Land.

Bo Peep topiary

Bo Peep is dressed in her gown as seen in “Toy Story” and “Toy Story 2.”

Sheep topiary

The three sheep stand between Bo Peep and Woody.

Simba, Rafiki, Mufasa, and Sarabi – World Nature Near The Land

Lion King topiaries

Mufasa and Sarabi stand proud in this flowerbed near The Land. Behind them, Rafiki lifts baby Simba up for the animal kingdom to see.

The Lion King topiaries

Rafiki is standing on a rock to represent Pride Rock.

Rafiki and Simba topiary

Simba even has a streak of baobab juice on his forehead.

Pumbaa and Timon – World Nature Near The Land

Pumbaa and Timon topiaries

Simba’s friends, Timon and Pumbaa, are in another flowerbed nearby.

Butterflies – Butterfly Landing in World Nature

Butterfly topiary

There are large butterfly topiaries outside Butterfly Landing near the Imagination! Pavilion.

Goofy – Rosewalk

New goofy topiary

Goofy has a new topiary this year. He’s on the rosewalk leading from the Imagination! Pavilion to World Showcase. Goofy is blowing on dandelions in his hand.

Close up of Goofy topiary blowing dandelions

Mickey and Friends – Bridge to World Showcase

Mickey and friends topiaries

Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Chip, and Dale are having a picnic in this flowerbed at the start of the main bridge to World Showcase.

Butterflies and Flower Towers – Blossoms of Fragrance Garden on Bridge to World Showcase

Blossoms of Fragrance butterfly topiaries

Further down the bridge are more butterfly topiaries. These are part of the Blossoms of Fragrance garden presented by Scentsy.

Pink butterfly topiary
Orange butterfly topiary

There are three butterfly topiaries here, covered in pink orange, and pink and green blooms.

pink and green butterfly topiary
flower tower

There are also flower towers running down the bridge.

Mirabel, Antonio, Isabela, and Luisa – World Showcase

“Encanto” Mirabel, Antonio, Isabela, and Luisa topiaries

At the far end of the bridge are “Encanto” topiaries of Luisa, Mirabel, Antonio, and Isabela. Flower towers behind them act as a backdrop.

Luisa topiary

Luisa is flexing.

Mirabel topiary

Mirabel is holding a glowing butterfly.

Antonio and Pico topiary

Antonio is joined by his bird, Pico.

Isabela topiary

Isabela is creating an arc of flowers above her.

Miguel and Dante – Mexico

Miguel and Dante "Coco" topiaries

Miguel and Dante from “Coco” are new this year. They replace the Three Caballeros, which used to appear as topiaries in this flowerbed near the Mexico Pavilion.

Miguel topiary

Miguel wears his mariachi uniform and plays his grandfather’s guitar.

Dante topiary

Dante is in alebrije form on top of a tower of marigolds.

Anna and Elsa – Norway

Anna and Elsa topiaries

Anna and Elsa are side by side in a flowerbed at the Norway Pavilion.

Elsa topiary

Elsa is poised to shoot snow and ice.

Anna topiary

Anna is waving hello.

Troll – Norway

troll topiary

The Norway Pavilion also has a troll topiary.

Pandas – China

Three panda topiaries

Next door, the China Pavilion has three panda topiaries.

panda topiary

They’re enjoying their bamboo snacks and one is even rolling on its back.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – Germany

Snow White and Dopey topiary

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs are in two flowerbeds next to the lagoon outside the Germany Pavilion. Snow White is depicted dancing next to Dopey.

Snow White topiary

She’s holding up her skirt as she kicks.

Dopey topiary

Dopey is holding a pickaxe with a lantern on the end.

Seven Dwarfs topiaries

The other dwarfs are in a flowerbed nearby, also holding pickaxes and lanterns.

Lady and the Tramp – Italy

Lady and the Tramp topiaries

Lady and the Tramp are together on the stage in the center of the Italy Pavilion. Boxes of flowers are all around them.

Tiana – The American Adventure

Tiana topiary

The Tiana topiary is in the flowerbed near Magnolia Terrace, an outdoor kitchen at The American Adventure. Tiana is depicted in her green lilypad-inspired wedding dress and tiara. She stands in front of a mossy archway.

Tiana topiary close up

At night, firefly lights in the archway illuminate, representing Ray and Tiana’s other firefly friends.

Dragon – Japan

Japan dragon topiary with torii gate and Spaceship Earth

This dragon is in front of the torii gate of the Japan Pavilion, at the edge of the lagoon.

Dragon topiary face

The dragon has a sculpted face complete with eyes, teeth, and tongue.

dragon topiary tail

Spikes run down its floral back.

Kermit and Miss Piggy – Between France and Morocco

Miss Piggy and Kermit topiaries

Miss Piggy and Kermit are between the Morocco and France Pavilions.

Miss Piggy topiary

Miss Piggy is looking stylish as she sits on a large pink trunk. She has more suitcases next to her.

Kermit topiary

Kermit is on his bicycle, with two baskets full of pink flowers.

Beauty and the Beast – France

Beauty and the Beast topiaries

Belle and the Beast are depicted in their ball outfits. They’re holding hands like they’re about to dance.

Lumiere and Cogsworth – France

Lumiere and Cogsworth topiaries

Cogsworth and Lumiere are also in the France Pavilion, in the flowerbed in front of the hedge maze. The pendulum in Cogsworth’s torso actually moves.

Butterfly – International Gateway

Butterfly topiary surrounded by potted plants

The International Gateway between the France and U.K. Pavilions has a giant butterfly topiary surrounded by potted plants.

Mickey and Elephant – Topiary Heritage Garden in United Kingdom Pavilion

Mickey topiary in topiary heritage garden

The Topiary Heritage Garden in the U.K. Pavilion has small topiaries of Mickey Mouse and an elephant. This garden honors the work of the horticultural teams at Walt Disney World and the topiary process.

elephant topiary in topiary heritage garden

Winnie the Pooh and Friends – United Kingdom Pavilion

Winnie the Pooh and Rabbit topiary

Winnie the Pooh, Rabbit, Tigger, Eeyore, and Piglet are in flowerbeds outside Sportsman’s Shoppe. Pooh bear holds a red balloon while Rabbit holds carrots.

Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore topiaries

Piglet is sitting on Eeyore’s back next to Tigger.

Tinker Bell – Tinker Bell’s Fairy House Garden in United Kingdom

Tinker Bell's Fairy House Garden

The Tinker Bell topiary is in Tinker Bell’s Fairy House Garden outside the Yorkshire County Fish Shop.

Tinker Bell topiary

She’s atop a mount so she stands high above the plants around her.

fairy houses

Tink is surrounded by small fairy houses.

Peter Pan, Captain Hook, and Tick Tock Croc – Between United Kingdom and Canada

UK pavilion Peter Pan topiaries

Captain Hook and Peter Pan face off in one flowerbed while Tick Tock the Croc emerges from another.

Peter Pan and Hook topiaries

Peter appears to be floating above the flowers.

Tick Tock Croc topiary

Tick Tock is surrounded by blue flowers representing water.

Geese – Canada

geese topiaries

A gaggle of geese topiaries is in the Canada Pavilion, in the gardens leading to Le Cellier Steakhouse.

Geese topiaries in Canada Pavilion

Three geese are flying in a row.

Bambi and Friends – World Showcase Near Canada

Flower and Thumper topiaries

Bambi, Flower, and Thumper are in a flowerbed near the Canada Pavilion.

Bambi topiary

The EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival runs through May 27, 2024.

Check out this year’s Festival Passport detailing all of the topiaries, gardens, and more, as well as photos of all the global gardens.

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