Columbia Harbour House Exterior Lights Sloppily Replaced With Generic Lamps at Magic Kingdom

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Columbia Harbour House main entrance

Columbia Harbour House Exterior Lights Sloppily Replaced With Generic Lamps at Magic Kingdom

Scrim and scaffolding have moved around again at Columbia Harbour House in Magic Kingdom, revealing more refurbishment work on the restaurant’s exterior. The latest work is a rough replacement of exterior lamps.

Columbia Harbour House Refurbishment

A wide shot of the scrim around Columbia Harbour House

There is still scrim and scaffolding at this end of Columbia Harbour House across from Liberty Square Market but some of it has been removed. A planter on the left in the photo above (surrounded by wheelchairs and strollers) is currently empty.

A medium shot of an empty planter

The planter used to have a tree. It’s covered in needles in preparation for new plants.

A rusted wheel-shaped post

The white wheel-shaped post in this corner is significantly rusted on the top.

A close-up of the rust on the post

It looks like a piece was removed, likely to clean up the rust.

Unfinished paint near a door to Columbia Harbour House

In this alcove around an exit door, we noticed an unfinished paint job on the yellow wall slats. There are smudges of white primer on the blue frame around the door. Dots of gray putty are all over the wall.

There are scuff marks on the blue column and moulding in this area, too.

A close-up of the slats along the wall

Hopefully, the slats, moulding, and frame will all be repainted.

A close-up of the newly installed overhead lights.

One of the new lights is in this alcove. The circular lamps look like generic fixtures we could find at Home Depot (and we actually did find them online), with white domes and black frames. The themed lamp that used to hang here has been pulled out, leaving a hexagon shape on the ceiling behind the new lamp.

A wide shot of the scrim around the restaurant from another angle

The scrim, scaffolding, and construction walls continue next to the Liberty Square Market seating area, almost completely covering the facades. There are openings in these construction walls for guests to exit Columbia Harbour House. We discovered more new lights to the right, near the staircase leading down from the second floor.

A medium shot of the newly installed ceiling lights

The replacement of these lights was even sloppier. The change of lamps is obvious because there are dark squares and scuff marks on the ceiling where the old ones used to be.

A close-up of the newly installed light

There has been no real attempt to hide the outline of the old hardware and the marks caused by removing them.

The ceiling around some of the lamps looks worse than others, with brown and cream-colored squares that don’t blend in at all.

Another close-up of the new ceiling lights

As suggested by the squares behind the new circular lamps, the old fixtures were square. They had transparent glass instead of opaque plastic with clusters of yellow lights visible behind them.

You can just barely see some of the old lights in the stairwell in our picture below from November 2023.

A photo of the old ceiling lights.

Scrim runs over the wall next to the staircase. You can also see one of the remaining lamps at the top of the stairs. It wasn’t lit during our visit but you can see some of the old lamps lit in our photo below from November 2023.

An older photo showing the old overhead lamps in action.

This was taken at the beginning of the construction work on this side of Columbia Harbour House. The lamps are in the stairwell to the right in the photo.

The facade for Columbia Harbour House

Work continues on the rest of the restaurant’s façades, too. Scrim covers the Columbia Harbour House mural to the left of the main entrance.

A second-floor window missing its shutters, gutter, and moulding.

Shutters, a gutter, and moulding are missing from around a window on the second floor. The curled iron pieces next to the window previously held the shutters in place.

There are also some scratches on the moulding next to the window to the left, which is on a bridge that runs over the walkway from Liberty Square into Fantasyland.

Scrim along the bridge of Columbia Harbour House.

Scrim covers the other side of the bridge.

What do you think of the new exterior lights at Columbia Harbour House? Let us know in the comments.

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