PHOTOS, VIDEO: New Contained Liberty Square Market Seating Area Now Open at the Magic Kingdom

Liberty Square Market in the Magic Kingdom closed its small seating area back in late July for refurbishment and since then, we’ve been tracking its progress, from demolition, to brickwork, to full-on furnishings. Today, the seating area reopened to guests, and we were there to check out all the changes.


While the newly reopened seating area may look about the same as it was before, there are a number of notable differences.

First off, the area now has a series of low-lying brick walls to enclose and contain the space. Many guests cut through this area making their way to The Haunted Mansion or over (the other way) to Frontierland, and between guests dining, and guests zig-zagging through, this corner was fairly chaotic. The now-enclosed seating area will keep guests safe while they gnaw on turkey legs (which are available after 11:00 AM.) Likewise, you won’t have guests spilling out onto the bustling walkway as they prepare to sit down and eat or leave. You’ll also notice that stroller parking is still located off to the rear corner of the seating area.

While the area is enclosed, it still feels breezy thanks to how non-obstructive the walls are, so you can still take in the atmosphere in Liberty Square.


One thing we did notice, though, was how narrow all of the entrances to the seating area were. While these are built to ADA standards, the flow of traffic in and out might be somewhat limited because of this.

The numerous planters that were located here have been removed in favor of this large central planter. Plywood boxes surround four pedestals here, and Cast Members tell us these may be charging stations for guests.

The choice of furnishings hasn’t changed as the stools and rounded tables are back. The good thing is, there are way more umbrellas to offer shade, plus some larger rectangular tables.

Cutlery and condiments are available, as always, at the center of the seating area.


What do you think of the newly rebuilt Liberty Square Market seating area? You can check out a full tour of the newly reopened space in the video below:

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  1. Looks nice…but four months to complete something that should have been completed in a couple of weeks just illustrates how slow Disney is at getting things done.

    1. Nice!
      A couple of months, maybe, but not a couple of weeks. You’ve obviously never worked an active site construction gig.

  2. The narrow entrances might be intentional to further discourage cutting through and also bringing strollers in. The stools instead of chairs with backs is a great idea to squeeze more seating in.

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