PHOTOS, VIDEO: Rare Snowfall Covers Tokyo Disney Resort

Brit Tuttle

PHOTOS, VIDEO: Rare Snowfall Covers Tokyo Disney Resort

A surprise bit of snowfall has blanketed Tokyo Disney Resort, creating a magical winter scene that guests visiting Disney Parks around the world don’t often get to see.

Tokyo Disney Resort Covered in Snow

Snow at Tokyo Disneyland is a rare sight, but with this week’s temperatures staying below 50 degrees Fahrenheit through this Sunday, it’s the perfect storm for a snowy blanket to cover the park.

This video shared by Minnie02Dona09 on X shows the rapid snowfall in action at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel.

In these photos, orange cones were set out underneath the archway from Maihama Station, likely to alert guests to be careful when walking on the snow. The statue of Minnie and the Minnie floral at the entrance to Tokyo Disneyland both received a good amount of snow.

Snowfall covers Cinderella Castle at Tokyo Disney Resort.
Image Source: Swimickey on Instagram

Above, you can see the area in front of the castle is covered in snow, with the nearby steps and shrubbery also whited out. A slight dusting can also be seen sticking to the turrets of Cinderella Castle.

Snow completely blankets the Minnie's Funderland statue at Tokyo Disney Resort.
Image Source: Swimickey on Instagram

The display for Minnie’s Funderland near the castle has gone from pink to white thanks to the snow, which is steadily falling in the image above. The heart that reads “Minnie’s Funderland,” Minnie’s dog Fifi and cat Figaro, and Minnie herself have all gotten caught in the flurry.

The second Disney Pal-Palooza for Tokyo Disneyland — Donald’s Quacky Duck City — was just announced, which will take over from April 9 through June 30.

Snow blocks out Walt and Mickey's faces on the Partners statue at Tokyo Disneyland.
Image Source: Swimickey on Instagram

The park’s Partners statue now sports a new coat of snow, with Walt and Mickey’s faces almost entirely obscured. The statue’s plaque is completely covered. Two smiley faces have also been drawn into the snow nearby.

In Tomorrowland, Space Mountain as we know it experiences what could be its final snow, as stated in the post on X from Joe Dig.

The attraction will close permanently on July 31, 2024, following a months-long celebration of the attraction. Its reimagining will open in 2027. See our latest Space Mountain construction update.

The statue of Baymax by The Happy Ride with Baymax has turned from a personal health companion to a snowman in this weather, with his face completely obscured by snow. The post above from Mucya Pan on X says, “I thought it was a snowman, but it was Baymax.”

A small snow doll sits atop Mickey's mailbox in Toontown.
Image Source: Swimickey on Instagram

Over in Toontown, Mickey Mouse’s mailbox was indeed layered with the white powder, but also had a freshly-built tiny Mickey snowman on top.

When snow falls at Tokyo Disney Resort, Cast Members are encouraged to make yukidaruma, or “snow dolls,” based on characters. Most Cast Members opt to make a Mickey snowman, like the one above.

Even Tokyo DisneySea got some snow coverage. In this video, Mount Prometheus, which houses the Journey to the Center of the Earth attraction, looks less like a volcano and more like a snow-topped mountain.

This video from Rikuumi 2022 on X shows just how much snow has fallen at Tokyo Disneyland, turning it into a winter wonderland.

While it doesn’t snow very often at Tokyo Disney Resort, it certainly is a magical sight to see! Snow also recently fell at Disneyland Paris, which you can check out here.

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