New Stitch Popcorn Plush & Pin Set Available at Walt Disney World and on shopDisney

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Stitch popcorn plush and pin set

New Stitch Popcorn Plush & Pin Set Available at Walt Disney World and on shopDisney

The new Stitch Attacks Snacks popcorn collection is now available at Walt Disney World Resort and on shopDisney. The collection unexpectedly arrived at the parks on the same day as the website, just a couple of weeks after the Mickey Pretzel collection was released at Walt Disney World.

Stitch Attacks Snacks popcorn display

We found the popcorn collection at the Emporium in Magic Kingdom, Marketplace Co-op in Disney Springs, and Celebrity 5&10 in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The Marketplace Co-op display featuring Stitch has been updated appropriately with a popcorn prop and popcorn planters from the Disney Eats Snacks collection. The neon pizza sign alludes to the new Disney Eats Pizza release.

Stitch Popcorn Plush – $34.99

Stitch popcorn plush

The plush depicts Stitch winking with his left eye. He’s holding a piece of popcorn in his right hand and has a bag of popcorn sitting between his legs. The plush is approximately 12 inches tall.

Popcorn with Stitch plush

The fluffy popcorn sticks out of a red and white-striped bag featuring Mickey heads. The popcorn and bag are made of polyester fabric, just like the Stitch plush.

Back of Stitch plush

Stitch also wears a button-up shirt patterned with pieces of popcorn, bags of popcorn, red dots, and stars. He has flexible ears and felt claws.

Side of Stitch plush

A Stitch Attacks Snacks patch listing this as series number 2 of 12 is on his left foot.

Popcorn on Stitch's head

Stitch also has a couple of pieces of popcorn on his head.

Stitch Popcorn Pin Set – $34.99

Stitch and Angel popcorn pin set

The three enamel pins in this set come on a backing card resembling Stitch’s popcorn-patterned shirt. There are three pins. One resembles a bag of popcorn.

Stitch and Angel popcorn pins

The other two feature Angel and Stitch, each in a popcorn shirt. Angel is grabbing a handful of popcorn from a bag. Stitch is holding his own handful, with more popcorn on his head.

Check out the rest of the Stitch Attacks Snacks monthly themes. Will you be getting the Stitch popcorn plush or pin set? Let us know in the comments.

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