United Kingdom Pavilion Restrooms Reopen After Eight-Month-Long Refurbishment at EPCOT

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United Kingdom restrooms open after eight months

United Kingdom Pavilion Restrooms Reopen After Eight-Month-Long Refurbishment at EPCOT

The United Kingdom Pavilion restrooms at EPCOT have reopened after a refurbishment that began in June of 2023.

United Kingdom Pavilion Restrooms Reopened

The two entrances to the reopened United Kingdom Pavilion restrooms.

The walls are down and the restrooms for both women and men — or ladies and gentlemen, as they’re labeled here — are finally in use once again at the UK Pavilion.

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The entrance before the refurbishment had a small sign hanging in each of the two archways. As we noted back in January when walls first began to come down, the restrooms now have signs above the arches, with a “Restrooms” sign in the center.

Above that is a bronze Waterloo plaque with two lions and a “WC” shield. Waterloo is used as a play on words, as while it is an actual location in London, “loo” is also a term used instead of “restroom” in the UK.

A close-up of the Women sign for the restroom.

During our visit, we were able to take a look at the changes in the women’s restroom, which begin with a sign featuring a woman wearing a large hat and holding an umbrella.

Interior of the women's restroom in the United Kingdom Pavilion.

The interior has been completely remodeled and now sports a mint, brown, white, black, and off-white color scheme throughout, instilling a more English look. Prior to the refurbishment, these restrooms looked the same as they did in 1982.

A close-up of the detail tile in the restroom.

One row of tiles that wraps around the entire restroom has delicate mint green details.

A long shot of the women's restroom.

The doors now have a dark wood appearance with moulding details that make them look well-suited to the theming in the U.K. Pavilion.

A look at the flooring in the women's restroom.

The floors are now an off-white square tile with black square tiles around the border.

A medium shot of the sinks in the women's restroom.

Above the sink is a black and white tile mosaic, which breaks up the mint and off-white tiling around it.

A close-up of one of the sink basins.

The sink has one large basin with automatic faucets and hand driers.

A wide shot of the World ShowPlace gates, now closed.

The World ShowPlace restrooms located between the United Kingdom and Canada Pavilions that were open for guests to use during the construction period have been closed.

What do you think of the newly renovated restrooms? Will they be a new go-to bathroom break stop for you when visiting EPCOT? Let us know in the comments below.

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