Limited-Time Monster Makeover Experience Ends Early at Universal Studios Florida

Brit Tuttle

It appears that the Monster Makeover experience at Universal Studios Florida has shuttered early, as the entrance has been marked as “Team Members Only.”

Monster Makeover Experience Closed Early

A wide shot of the former entrance to Monster Makeover at Universal Studios Florida

The Monster Makeover at Universal Studios Florida was located in the Five and Dime in the Hollywood section of the park. The gift shop is the exit for Universal Orlando’s Horror Make-Up Show and The Bourne Stuntacular.

The door to the room in which guests would get their makeovers is now closed, and marked with a “Team Members Only” sign. The marquee sign for Monster Makeover has also been removed.

A photo of the former Monster Makeover marquee

Above is a look at what the experience’s entrance looked like with its marquee and before the door was painted red.

A close-up of the door to Monster Makeover, now marked with a Team Members Only sign.

While Monster Makeover was open, guests could choose from 37 monster-inspired styles and eventually eight additional Mardi Gras designs. Prices were just $25 for the Mardi Gras makeup, followed by $65 for a half-face and $125 for a full-face monster design.

Our intrepid reporter Annie getting her own Monster Makeover when the experience first opened.

We reviewed the experience shortly after it opened, which you can read or watch our video below:

The experience was previously slated to close on April 7, 2024, and was described as a “limited experience.” When attempting to use the online booking link, the webpage returns with an error message. Universal has not announced a reason for the closure.

Did you have a chance to try the Monster Makeover experience before it closed? Did you think it was worth the cost? Let us know in the comments.

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