PHOTOS: New Doors and Colorful Brackets Added to CommuniCore Hall in EPCOT

Toni Ferrigno

CommuniCore Hall construction update

PHOTOS: New Doors and Colorful Brackets Added to CommuniCore Hall in EPCOT

Construction on CommuniCore Hall has undergone some major updates, with new colorful brackets and automatic doors added to the building.

CommuniCore Hall Construction Update

A wide shot of one side of the exterior of CommuniCore Hall.

Starting off, additional black panels have been added on this side of CommuniCore Hall with the Spaceship Earth-inspired walls. During our previous visit, scaffolding was up on the left side, and not all of the black panels were in place. Now, it appears the black paneling on this side is complete. Behind the wall, you can see a bit of the CommuniCore Hall mural.

A view of one side of CommuniCore Hall, featuring the colored brackets in rainbow order.

The portion of the building with flat triangular panels has gotten a big update, with colorful L-shaped brackets added, and smaller, slightly translucent, triangles installed on the panels of the wall that previously had holes in it. This is all likely for a lighting effect that will be in place once CommuniCore Hall and Plaza open on June 10.

Another view of the side of CommuniCore Hall with the newly installed color brackets, from the opposite end.

Upon closer inspection, you can see that the newly added brackets are positioned to create a gradient effect. We suspect translucent triangular panels in the same color as the brackets could be installed over time.

Concept art for CommuniCore Hall.

On the far right of this concept art, you can get a preview of what this side of the building will look like once complete.

A long-distance shot of construction on CommuniCore Hall and Plaza.

Here is a view of both the CommuniCore Hall building and part of CommuniCore Plaza.

CommuniCore Hall newly-installed glass sliding doors

While riding on the Walt Disney World Monorail near the Imagination! Pavilion, we could get a clear view of two automatic sliding glass doors that have recently been installed. Plenty of crew members were on site during our visit.

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