‘Moana,’ Chip ‘n’ Dale, and Groot 2024 Easter Eggs On Display at Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resorts

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Chip 'n' Dale, Groot Easter eggs at Beach Club

‘Moana,’ Chip ‘n’ Dale, and Groot 2024 Easter Eggs On Display at Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resorts

Chocolate Easter eggs are now on display in the lobbies of Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts. While Beach Club has a variety of designs, Yacht Club’s eggs are all “Moana”-inspired.

Beach Club Easter Eggs

A display of chocolate Easter eggs at Disney's Beach Club.

The Easter eggs are on a marble table behind a white fence. Beach Club has seven pieces on display.

A closer photo of an Easter egg featuring topiaries of Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

This egg resembles a green topiary on a stone base. There are flowers around the base and inside the egg. Golden filigree is around the opening.

A close-up of the interior of the egg featuring Mickey and Minnie topiaries.

Inside are topiaries of Minnie and Mickey in their classic red outfits. Sunflowers are on the inside of the egg behind them.

A look at the blue egg with cherry blossoms on display.

Next to the Mickey and Minnie egg is a blue egg with pink cherry blossom flowers appearing to grow over it. There are three small eggs in a nest on top. The base resembles a green field.

A wide shot of the Groot topiary-inspired egg.

The Groot-inspired egg is hard to photograph with the sunlight streaming in. But it resembles the Groot topiary currently displayed at the EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival.

Close-up of the Groot topiary egg.

A young Groot is depicted standing on top of a leafy green egg. He’s holding up a vine-covered cassette tape labeled “Green-House Mix Vol. 1.”

Close-up of a small stick cottage egg.

Next to Groot is a relatively small egg. It appears to be a cottage house made out of sticks with a stone pathway leading to the door. There’s a spool of thread and buttons on the ground next to the pathway.

Close-up of the Japanese dragon topiary egg.

The Japanese dragon topiary also from the EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival is depicted on this egg. It appears to swim in front of the Japan Pavilion’s torii gate. The egg is on a base resembling a red container on a tree stump.

Close-up of the Dragon topiary Easter egg.

Cherry blossoms are around the image of the dragon.

Close-up of brown egg with pink and white roses.

A dark brown egg wears a ring of pink and white flowers. Larger flowers are on the top of the egg. The silhouettes of butterflies fly over it.

A wide shot of the egg display at Disney's Beach Club Resort.

This display features chocolate Chip ‘n’ Dale topiaries. Chip stands on top of an overturned basket with carrots spilling out of it.

A closer look at the Chip 'n' Dale topiaries made of chocolate.

Dale stands on a fake dirt base with some carrots growing around him.

A close-up of the Dale topiary made of chocolate.

Chip and Dale have round egg-shaped bodies.

A close-up of the Chip topiary made of chocolate.

They’re depicted in shades of green.

An egg shaped like a teapot cottage.

The last egg in this display resembles a teapot that has been turned into a house. It has green leaves on top of it and mushrooms growing around it.

A close-up of the teapot cottage Easter egg.

Some flat mushroom caps create steps to the Hobbit hole-like door of the teapot. An orange butterfly is on a branch growing through the teapot’s handle.

Yacht Club Easter Eggs

A wide shot of the Easter egg display at Disney's Yacht Club Resort.

The eggs at Disney’s Yacht Club are also on a table behind a fence.

A close-up of the Moana-themed Easter egg.

This display is inspired by Moana’s island home, Motonui. There are tall trees in the egg frame and detailed shrubbery across the base. Moana is pictured with her mother.

A wide shot of the opposite side of the table.

An egg featuring Moana’s boat is in the center of the display.

A closer look at the tiny eggs inside of Moana's boat.

There are tiny eggs in the boat, like it’s a nest. It sits on a wavy blue base.

A close-up of an egg decorated like the heart of Te Fiti.

A small chocolate egg resembles Moana’s pendant that holds the heart of Te Fiti. It’s a blue orb with a gray decorated top.

A closer look at the "necklace" with pearls attached to the egg.

A brown rope necklace appears to be strung with pearls.

A close-up of the eggs designed to look like the Kakamora.

One piece features three eggs made to look like the Kakamora people. They are coconuts with painted faces and makeshift helmets and weaponry. Smaller eggs are around their feet.

An egg decorated to look like Moana's pig friend, Pua.

This egg is decorated to look like Moana’s pig friend, Pua. Pua sits in a nest of leaves and pink flowers. Eggs are at their feet and they balance some on their hands.

A look at the Easter egg featuring Moana's pink seashell and Te Fiti's symbol.

Moana’s pink seashell is perched on the top of this egg. The side of the gray stony egg features Te Fiti’s symbol appearing to glow against a blue oceanic background. The “Moana” logo is at the bottom.

A close-up of the Easter egg inspired by Te Ka.

Te Fiti’s wave-shaped symbol is also on this Te Ka-inspired egg. It’s black with smoke-like tendrils. It sits on a wavy base.

A close-up of the Easter egg inspired by Moana's Gramma Tala in her manta ray spirit form.

The manta ray spirit of Moana’s grandmother is on the top of this egg, which is painted to look like a starry sky (complete with hidden Mickey). A sailboat with Te Fiti’s symbol on the sail is in the ocean next to the egg.

A close-up on the tiny egg version of the turtle Moana helps into the ocean at the beginning of the film.

A tiny egg version of the turtle Moana helps at the beginning of the film is on the table between two larger displays.

A close-up of the Tamatoa egg.

The last egg is decorated to look like Tamatoa. He’s holding Te Fiti’s heart between two of his claws. Gold covers his top half.

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