Harveys Pixar tote seatbelt bag

New Harveys Pixar Seatbelt Bags Arrive at Disneyland Resort

Shannen Ace

Disneyland Resort has two new Harveys seatbelt bags featuring Pixar characters. We found the bags in the Disney Dress Shop in Downtown Disney District.

Harveys Pixar Tote – $198

Harveys Pixar tote seatbelt bag

The medium-sized tote bag features several Pixar characters in a watercolor style across horizontal seatbelts. The characters are depicted in close-ups against a colorful background. The design also includes “Pixar” in a graffiti style.

A close-up of the front of the Pixar Harveys bag.

The featured characters are Héctor and Miguel from “Coco”; Mei in red panda form from “Turning Red”; Joy from “Inside Out”; Jessie, Woody, Rex, and Buzz from the “Toy Story” films; and Mike and Sulley from “Monsters, Inc.”

The back of the Harveys Pixar bag.

The other side of the bag is made of solid purple seatbelts. The bag has two black shoulder straps.

A close-up of the Disney Parks Harveys tag.

Each bag includes a red tag on a chain featuring the Disney Parks and Harveys wordmarks.

A reporter's hand holds the Luxo ball keychain for a close-up.

They also include a keychain of the iconic Pixar ball. Like the design on the front of the bag, the ball is in a sketchy watercolor style.

Alongside Luxo Jr., this ball is the symbol of Pixar Place Hotel at Disneyland Resort.

A close-up of the Pixar zipper pull.

The bag has a teal zipper. The zipper pull is “Pixar” in pink graffiti-style letters.

A look at the pattern inside the bag.

The interior lining has a pattern of the Pixar ball in different colorways. Its classic look is yellow with a blue stripe and red star. But the pattern also depicts it as bright blue and orange, pink and neon yellow, and dark blue and green. The interior has slip pockets on one side.

A closer look at the Disney Parks Harveys tag inside the bag.

The other side has a small zip pocket.

The bottom of the Harveys bag with silver feet.

The bottom of the bag is black with four short metal legs.

Harveys Pixar Crossbody – $188

Two Pixar Harveys crossbody bags hanging on a rack.

The smaller crossbody bag has an adjustable teal strap. It features a different pattern from the tote bag on vertical seatbelts.

A close-up of the pattern on the crossbody bag.

The same characters are featured on this pattern but some are pictured full body instead of just close-up. They are in the same watercolor style. Their names and phrases are in graffiti-like lettering.

An even closer look at the Pixar Harveys crossbody bag.

Each character or a pair of characters is in their own colorful box. Héctor and Miguel have “Un Poco Loco” around them instead of their names. “Yee-Haw” is repeated around Jessie.

A reporter's hand holds the crossbody bag for a detail shot.

The same pattern is on both sides of the bag. But note that due to the nature of the pattern, it will look slightly different on each side and each bag.

A reporter's hand holds the crossbody bag to show the pattern on the side.

The pattern continues on the thin sides of the bag as well.

A reporter's hand holds the Disney Parks Harveys tag and Luxo ball keychain.

This also includes the red Disney Parks and Harveys tag, as well as the Pixar ball charm.

A reporter's hand shows the back of the Luxo ball keychain to show the Pixar wordmark.

The other side of the charm is carved with “Pixar” in the graffiti-style lettering.

A reporter's hand holds the crossbody bag to show the Pixar zipper pull.

The zipper has the same Pixar pull. The zipper is also teal with black fabric around it.

A look inside the crossbody bag.

The interior lining is the same Pixar ball pattern as the tote bag. It also includes a small zipper pocket on one side of the interior.

The Luxo ball pattern inside the crossbody bag.

Slip pockets are on the other side.

Walt Disney World also has these Harveys Pixar seatbelt bags. Which bag is your favorite?

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