Props on lagoon projector

New Nighttime Spectacular Projectors Turned On, Covered in Props at Universal Studios Florida

Shannen Ace

It looks like Universal Orlando is one step closer to debuting their new nighttime show. The lagoon projectors for the new and upcoming Universal Studios Florida nighttime spectacular have been activated and are now covered in props. The old projectors were replaced with these larger projectors in January, and all signs indicate that testing is underway.

Nighttime Spectacular Projectors at Universal Studios Florida

Lagoon projector on platform covered in props for the upcoming new nighttime spectacular

The old projectors were in themed crates to blend in more with the shipping yard set pieces around the lagoon. The new projectors are larger and housed in solid gray metal boxes. Universal has started covering them with nets, ropes, and other props to make them less obvious.

Lanterns, nets, and ropes on projector

The projectors we could see inside their boxes no longer have lens caps taped in place. We could hear them humming with energy now that they’ve been turned on. This projector, sitting high above on a wooden platform, is decorated with red lanterns. This is one of several projectors that is aimed at the surrounding buildings.

Buoys on projector

Other projectors have small buoys attached to them. It’s possible themed crates will be installed over the metal boxes later and the props will go on top of those crates.

Projector in water with some scaffolding

Scaffolding in the water around some of the projectors is also being removed. The projectors along the water are pointed towards the fountains and Central Park, where guests will stand to watch the show.

A hurricane damaged the old projectors and other nighttime spectacular equipment in 2022. Universal permanently ended the Ghoulish nighttime show for Halloween Horror Nights and the Cinematic Celebration soon after, due to the damage. With the closure of the latter in March 2023, Universal announced a new nighttime spectacular would take its place.

Box, buoys, and nets on projector crate

After rumors that the new show will use drones, we confirmed the reports with video of drone testing at Universal Studios Florida. No details have been officially announced but drones would help solve Universal Orlando Resort’s pyrotechnic limitations problems. Since the resort is located close to residential areas, they can’t use fireworks as much as Walt Disney World, for example. The new show will reportedly combine drones, projections, and smaller pyrotechnics.

Props on lagoon projector

Dronisos, a Parisian drone company, recently opened an Orlando-area office to serve theme park clients. We don’t know if Universal is using Dronisos or another third-party drone company. Universal has previously used drones at Universal Studios Hollywood for the Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle nighttime show.

Props on top of lagoon projector

In April 2023, Universal was hiring a drone operations manager. This could have been for Universal Studios Florida or Epic Universe, the third Universal Orlando Resort theme park set to open in 2025, which will also use drone technology.

Projector in lagoon

Universal also installed new fountains in the water, which they started testing in February. Images will be projected on the new fountains during the show.

Are you excited for the new Universal Studios Florida nighttime spectacular? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for an announcement on when this new show will debut.

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