New Tropical Loungefly DVC Member Ear Headband and Straw Hat Arrive at Walt Disney World

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New Tropical Loungefly DVC Member Ear Headband and Straw Hat Arrive at Walt Disney World

A new summery Loungefly DVC member ear headband, straw hat, and more have debuted at Walt Disney World Resort.

wdw dvc merchandise 6878

We found most of these new items in ImageWorks at EPCOT.

Loungefly DVC Member Ear Headband – $44.99

Loungefly DVC member ear headband

They have a summery, tropical feel, with shades of pink and green throughout. They have quite a different feel from the DVC merchandise that debuted at Walt Disney World earlier this year.

Close up of the Loungefly DVC member ear headband

At the center, instead of a bow, there is a compass with two foam leaves pointing in either direction.

Right ear of the Loungefly DVC member ear headband

On the right ear, Mickey Mouse enjoys a laugh and a drink as he lounges in a beach chair. Three white-outlined Mickey Heads are surrounding him.

Left ear of the Loungefly DVC member ear headband

The left ear reads “Disney Vacation Club Member,” “D.V.C.,” and “Est. 1991.” 1991 is in reference to the year Disney Vacation Club first launched. Surrounding the text are small icons for the DVC properties, including The Villas at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa, Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas, and Disney’s Old Key West Resort.

Back of the Loungefly DVC member ear headband

The icon print continues onto the back of the ears.

Headband of the Loungefly DVC member ear headband

The headband itself is a green faux leather with a pink velour interior. As typical with Loungefly ear headbands, this one has a Disney x Loungefly plaque in a mint green attached on one side..

DVC Straw Hat – $34.99

A reporter's hand holding a straw DVC Member hat.

The straw hat is accented with light blue lining on the brim and a silicone badge at the center.

A close-up of the DVC Member badge on the hat.

The badge is light blue and white, and reads, “Disney’s Vacation Club Member,” “Good Times,” and “Great Places.” A globe with a Mickey head sits at the center.

A look at the underside of the hat's brim.

The underside of the brim is light blue with a white all-over pattern that looks like DVC-themed travel stickers. A long tan strap is also attached here.

Limited Edition DVC Member Pin Set – $29.99

A reporter's hand holds the DVC two-pin set.

We also spotted this limited edition DVC Member two-pin set in ImageWorks. The pins are an edition of 5,000.

A close-up of the top pin in the DVC set.

The top pin is rectangular, and features Mickey running with his luggage beneath “D.V.C. ’91”. “Member” is below Mickey, as well as “Disney Vacation Club.” A small globe is in the top right. The entire pin is decorated in muted green, light blue, cream, and pink.

A close-up of the bottom pin in the set.

The second pin in the set is designed to look like a badge, and has Mickey running past a globe with his luggage in hand. The colors of this pin match the one above it, with Mickey in hues of green and blue.

Loungefly DVC Mini Backpack – $78

wdw dvc merchandise 6850

The pleather backpack is light blue, with a wavy pattern in the background. The main design is a large white Mickey head covered and surrounded by icons of different Disney Vacation Club resorts.

wdw dvc merchandise 6851

There are dark green images of various resort buildings and blue images of other resort iconography like animals, sailboats, and flowers. A blue and pink compass rose is in the bottom right corner. “Disney Vacation Club Member” is at the bottom, above large green leaves.

wdw dvc merchandise 6852

“Welcome Home” is across the center in pink script. Unlike most Loungefly backpacks, this doesn’t have a small front pocket.

wdw dvc merchandise 6853

There are emerald green slip pockets on each side. The backpack straps are also emerald green.

wdw dvc merchandise 6855

The white wavy pattern continues onto the back of the bag, as do the green leaves.

wdw dvc merchandise 6857

The interior lining is emerald green with a light green and pink pattern of resort buildings and icons.

DVC Spirit Jersey – $79.99

wdw dvc merchandise 6859

The Spirit Jersey is bright pink. “Disney Vacation Club Member” is across the back of the shoulders in teal and green lettering. “Member” is the largest word. Mickey is pictured with a suitcase.

wdw dvc merchandise 6863

A Disney Vacation Club Member logo is on the left breast.

wdw dvc merchandise 6864

It’s green and teal, with a globe and Mickey head in the center. It reads “Good times, good places.” The design features sparkles.

DVC Luggage Tag – $14.99

wdw dvc merchandise 6866

“D.V.C.” is in green across a white square on the front of this tag. “’91” is in pink within the “C.” “Member” is in light blue lettering across a green stripe, while “Disney Vacation Club” is in green lettering across a blue stripe. A globe is in the top right corner and Mickey is pictured below “DVC” with a suitcase and passport.

wdw dvc merchandise 6867

It has a green border and a green strap.

wdw dvc merchandise 6868

The other side is green with “Disney Vacation Club Member” in white at the top. There’s a clear window to see the white card inside, which features lines and icons for an address, phone number, and name (next to a Mickey head).

DVC Corkcicle – $44.99

wdw dvc merchandise 6872

The Corkcicle bottle is light blue with the same design as the luggage tag on one side.

wdw dvc merchandise 6873

It reads “DVC Member” and features Mickey.

wdw dvc merchandise 6875

The Corkcicle logo is in silver on the other side. This bottle is 25oz or 750 mL.

DVC Mickey Ornament – $26.99

A reporter's hand holds a Mickey Mouse Disney Vacation Club ornament.

Over at BouTiki in Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, we found this DVC Mickey Mouse ornament.

A side view of the Mickey Mouse ornament.

The ornament shows Mickey looking through a pair of binoculars and reading a map, ready for his next adventure.

A view of the Mickey Mouse ornament from the opposite side.

Instead of Mickey’s typical colors of red and yellow, this ornament opts for a cooler-toned palette with shades of blue and green.

24oz DVC Tumbler – $34.99

wdw dvc merchandise 4244

This tumbler is transparent with an all-over pink pattern resembling stamps and stickers.

wdw dvc merchandise 4248

One green DVC symbol is featured. Different resort icons are around the edge of the circular design. “Disney Vacation Club Member D.V.C. Est. 1991” is in the center in pink and green lettering.

wdw dvc merchandise 4247

The other designs feature Mickey with his suitcase and passport, Mickey heads, globes, and variations of “DVC Member.”

wdw dvc merchandise 4249
wdw dvc merchandise 4250

It has a green plastic lid.

wdw dvc merchandise 4252

The tumbler was at Screen Door General Store at Disney’s BoardWalk.

Are you a DVC member? Will you be getting a pair of these ears? Let us know in the comments below.

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