Front of Tiana's salt dome

PHOTOS: Greenery Added to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure in Disneyland

Shannen Ace

Greenery has finally been added to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure in Disneyland. The Magic Kingdom version of the attraction has been completely transformed into a salt dome and bayou, but construction on the Disneyland version is a few months behind.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Construction

Disneyland Tiana's Bayou Adventure construction walls

The Californian mountain has been gray during recent rockwork. There is now a layer of moss across the rounded top of the mountain-turned-salt-dome.

Greenery on Tiana's Bayou Adventure salt mine dome

As we know from Walt Disney World, this greenery is just the start. The dome will eventually be covered in flowers and other foliage.

Crew members on Tiana's Bayou Adventure

More moss has been added on rocks across the front and sides of the facade, visible behind scaffolding. Crew members were working on the greenery on the left side of the mountain. We also saw a crew member lower down next to the Millhouse.

Tiana's Bayou Adventure construction

The millhouse will also likely be repainted and receive the weathervane and foliage that the Florida version has received.

Front of Tiana's salt dome

Fake trees will also eventually be added to the swamp in front of the mountain.

Construction in flume

Down in the flume of the attraction are several construction materials. Large white bags are full of debris crews have torn down from the nearby rockwork.

Holes in rockwork

Wires hang out of one hole in this reddish-brown cliff face. New wire frameworks have been placed within the holes since we last saw a crew member literally inside one.

Tiana's Foods water tower and mountain

Near The Briar Patch, we could see more greenery running down the back of the mountain. We also saw a crew member working in the flume on the side of the mountain.

Greenery on mountain

The backstory of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure sees Tiana founding the co-op Tiana’s Foods after the events of “The Princess and the Frog.” Tiana’s Foods operates out of an old salt mine, cultivating crops along the waters.

Tiana's scrim and scaffolding

More scrim has gone up around the attraction entrance near Pooh Corner. Scrim and scaffolding went up in front of the former Splash Mountain entrance in December but it now stretches in both directions to completely block the facade from view.

Scrim and scaffolding at Splash Mountain entrance

In February, Disney announced that Tiana’s Bayou Adventure would open this summer at Magic Kingdom. It will open later in 2024 at Disneyland. Disney also shared a video of a Tiana audio-animatronic.

Scrim, scaffolding, and construction walls

Michael-Leon Wooley, the voice of Louis in “The Princess and the Frog,” also recently stated he saw Louis and Charlotte animatronics, and Disney shared a sneak peek of a Louis animatronic last year. The ride is set to have 17 original audio-animatronic characters.

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