REVIEW: New Plant-Based Option at Lottawatta Lodge in Disney’s Blizzard Beach

Brit Tuttle

Lottawatta Lodge Florida Garden Salad and building

REVIEW: New Plant-Based Option at Lottawatta Lodge in Disney’s Blizzard Beach

We stopped by Lottawatta Lodge, a quick service location at Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park, for a quick bite to eat and review.

Lottawatta Lodge Review

Lottawatta Lodge building exterior

Lottawatte Lodge is, in our opinion, one of the prettiest counter service locations at any Disney Park in the world. There are a lot of good options here, but a new plant-based option has been made available, so that’s what we came to try.

Lottawatta Lodge menu

Lottawatta is notable for being the only location in Disney’s Blizzard Beach with plant-based options. There are three different things to choose from: an Impossible Burger, a Tofu Rice Bowl, and the new Florida Garden Salad.

Florida Garden Salad – $9.79

Mixed Greens with Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Rainbow Carrots, Mandarin Oranges, and Dried Tropical Fruit served with Balsamic Vinaigrette

Rate out of 7: 6

Close up of Lottawatta Lodge Florida garden salad

When you look at the menu for Lottawatta Lodge on the Walt Disney World website or in the My Disney Experience app, a Florida Garden Salad with Chicken is included on the menu, but when you arrive at the restaurant, you’ll find that it doesn’t actually exist. When visiting the counter service in person, the salad is on the plant-based menu, meaning it’s sans chicken.

Lottawatta Lodge Florida garden salad with ranch dressing packets

We think we might’ve been among the first to order this dish, because it was served to us with ranch dressing, but we’re pretty sure ranch is not vegan or plant-based.

Lottawatta Lodge Florida garden salad with balsamic

We went back and asked again and were given the balsamic with olive oil vinaigrette, which is the dressing that’s supposed to be included with the dish. It’s worth noting that they do have other Ken’s brand dressings available if you don’t like balsamic or aren’t concerned with keeping the salad plant-based.

Lottawatta Lodge Florida garden salad with lid on

The salad was nicely plated but not fully mixed, so you’ll want to pop the lid back on and give this a good shake with your preferred dressing before eating. As far as taste, it may seem simple, but we really loved this salad. The mixed greens and the balsamic are a good combination. It was light and refreshing. The toppings are plentiful, so each bite is a little different. Don’t let the size of the container fool you, this was actually very filling. Overall, we’d rank it among the better salads on Walt Disney World property.

Lottawatta Lodge Coke Freestyle machines

As an added tip, if you find yourself dining at Lottawatta Lodge, this is the only dining location in the park with a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine. You can use your refillable cup here. Otherwise, all of the other dining locations have standard soda fountains available.

Have you ever dined at Lottawatta Lodge? If so, let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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