Full List of Donald’s Quacky Duck City Merchandise Coming to Tokyo Disneyland

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Guests wearing Donald apparel in front of his boat

Full List of Donald’s Quacky Duck City Merchandise Coming to Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disney Resort has shared the new merchandise that will be available during Donald’s Quacky Duck City, which runs from April 9 through June 30, 2024.

Guests wearing Donald apparel in front of his boat for Donald's Quacky Duck City.

The merchandise collection includes apparel, hair accessories, candies, stationery, and more.

Donald’s Quacky Duck City Postcard Set – ¥750

three postcards for Donald's Quacky Duck City

There are three postcards in this set. The first features an image of Donald Duck with trophies, a medal, and a crown. Accolades like “Best Duck Ever” and “All-Around Star” are listed. The second postcard has comic panel images of Donald, Mickey, Daisy, Minnie, and Cinderella Castle. Pete is looking grumpy on the third postcard.

Pete will make his debut appearance at Tokyo Disneyland as part of the Pal-Palooza event.

Clear File Set – ¥1,200

Donald Duck clear folders

There are three different-sized folders in this set. One has the same artwork as the first postcard. One features a blue rubber duck. And one features Donald, Daisy, Mickey, and Minnie.

Sticker Set – ¥800

Donald and friends stickers

The stickers include some of the same artwork as the other items, as well as individual stickers of Donald and each of his friends.

Button Set – ¥1,100

Donald, Daisy, Chip 'n' Dale buttons

This set includes a button featuring Donald with his trophies. Fireworks go off around him. The second button is pink with a picture of Daisy, hearts, and flowers. Chip ‘n’ Dale carry a medal on the third button.

Pin – ¥1,200

Donald pin

Donald wears his crown and a cape on this pin. He’s a charm dangling from the logo for Donald’s Quacky Duck City.

Donald Tomica Bus – ¥1,600

Donald Tomica bus

This new Tomica toy resembles a bus decorated for Donald’s Quacky Duck City. The sides are mainly blue and yellow while the front and roof are white. Donald is pictured on the side.

Top of Donald Tomica bus

Donald’s hat, foot, bowtie, crown, and trophy are on the top of the toy with the logo for the event.

Picnic Sheet – ¥950

Donald picnic sheet

The picnic sheet, which can be folded up into a small bag, features images of Donald, Daisy, Mickey, Minnie, and Cinderella Castle. They’re set against a blue background. The small tote shows Donald with his trophies and accolades.

Smartphone Accessories – ¥2,100

Donald phone accessories

This set includes various charms including a yellow duck foot and a silicone blue duck.

Donald Plush Badge – ¥2,600

Donald plush badge

This plush depicts Donald in his sailor uniform with a shiny cape and sparkling crown.

Mickey Plush Badge – ¥2,500

Mickey plush badge

Mickey is wearing a blue and white uniform similar to Donald’s usual outfit.

Minnie Plush Badge – ¥2,500

Minnie plush badge

Minnie is wearing a blue dress with a red bowtie and yellow trim.

Patch Badge – ¥1,000

Patch badges

There are three badge charms in this set: purple Daisy, yellow Donald, green Pete, pink Minnie, orange Chip ‘n’ Dale, and blue Mickey. They are available to purchase individually or as a full set (below).

Patch Badge Set – ¥6,000

set of patch badges

You can collect all of the Donald’s Quacky Duck City patch badges by purchasing this set.

Face Towel – ¥880

Donald towel

The tower is blue with “Tokyo Disneyland” on an orange stripe on one end. It features the comic panel images of Donald and his friends.

T-Shirt – ¥4,200

Pete on front of tee

This shirt is light blue. Pete is pictured in the bottom corner on the front with streamers over him.

Donald and friends on back of tee

Donald, Daisy, Mickey, and Minnie are celebrating on the back of the tee.

Glasses – ¥2,300

Donald glasses

The glass frames are white on the exterior, with yellow on the inside of the arms. The tops of the frames have feather detailing and Donald’s blue hat.

Bow – ¥1,200

Donald bowtie

This flat bow resembles Donald’s red bowtie, with a black outline and shading. It can be worn in the hair or around the neck like a bowtie.

Beret – ¥3,400

Donald beret

The beret is white with a blue ribbon and Donald’s footprints on the top.

Headband – ¥2,400

Donald hearts headband

A plush Donald sits in the center of this black headband. He wears his Duck City crown. To either side of him are pink sparkly hearts on springs.

Plush Purse – ¥3,600

Donald plush bag

The plush purse is Donald in his regular sailor outfit with a shoulder strap covered in confetti and streamers.

Pouch Set – ¥2,100

three Donald pouches

There are six pouches (or kinchaku) in this set.

three pouches

Each one features different Donald’s Quacky Duck City artwork and has a drawstring opening.

Wand – ¥1,500

blue and pink duck wand

These wands make “gua gua” duck sounds. This one is pink with a blue rubber duck on top. The wand features two images of ducks.

blue duck

The duck on top wears a crown just like Donald.

Duck wands

There are three wand designs, each sold separately.

Yellow and blue duck wand

This wand is teal blue with a yellow duck on top.

yellow duck

The ducks also wear red bowties.

pink and yellow duck wand

The third wand is yellow with a pink duck on top.

Bag Charm – ¥1,400

blue duck charm

There are two bag charms. One resembles a blue rubber duck, with a crown and bowtie, and hangs on a silver-tone chain.

yellow duck charm

The second charm (sold separately) resembles a yellow duck with a gold-tone chain.

Gummies – ¥900

tin with gummies

This tin includes individually wrapped star-shaped gummies. The tin is decorated with images of Donald and his friends.

Chocolate – ¥1,200

tube with chocolates

Individually wrapped blue and yellow chocolates come in this tube featuring a picture of Donald.

Tote Bag – ¥4,600

Donald tote bag

The tote bag is white with a sketch of Donald, Panchito, and José — the Three Caballeros. “Donald’s Quacky Duck City” is in cursive.

Pouch – ¥2,800

Donald pouch

The pouch is the same white with “Donald’s Quacky Duck City” in cursive. Chef Donald is pictured decorating a cake with Chip ‘n’ Dale. The zipper pull resembles Donald’s foot.

T-Shirt – ¥3,400

Donald and Goofy T-shirt

Goofy and Donald are flexing on the front of the white T-shirt.

Postcard Set – ¥2,800

Donald postcard set

The postcard set includes various images of Donald and his friends, including the three pieces of art from the merchandise above.

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