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Tour the Sheraton Universal Hotel at Universal Studios Hollywood

Annie Wilson

If you’re planning a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood, one of the best places to stay is the Sheraton Universal Hotel. Universal Studios Hollywood does not have hotels like Orlando, but one of the most convenient places to stay is the Sheraton Universal. The hotel is just a short walk from the park, or you can take a complimentary shuttle to CityWalk. Join us for a full tour of the hotel and our room!

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Sheraton Universal Hotel

Sheraton Universal Hotel from a distance

The hotel is located right by the theme park. It’s about a 5-10 minute walk from Universal Studios Hollywood. The best way to walk to the park is by taking the outdoor elevators up to the Hilton and crossing the bridge to the entrance of the park. The above photo was taken from the top of the elevators on the same level at the Hilton. The walk is uphill and there are some stairs, but it is much quicker than the shuttle. At least it’s downhill on the way back!

USH Sheraton Universal Hotel Tour Universal Studios Hollywood 4

The lobby is beautiful and has several check in desks. After traveling, it’s always nice to get checked in quickly. If your room isn’t ready yet, there’s plenty of comfortable places to sit and relax if you’re not ready to hit the parks yet.

USH Sheraton Universal Hotel Tour Universal Studios Hollywood 6
USH Sheraton Universal Hotel Tour Universal Studios Hollywood 16

There are couches and chairs around the lobby as well as a bar. If you’re in a large group, there’s plenty of seating for everyone to lounge around together.

USH Sheraton Universal Hotel Tour Universal Studios Hollywood 14

The complimentary water in the lobby is really refreshing, especially after walking back from the park. The one with the orange slices is my personal favorite!

USH Sheraton Universal Hotel Tour Universal Studios Hollywood 18
USH Sheraton Universal Hotel Tour Universal Studios Hollywood 17

If you need tickets or want to make plans for other things to do in Hollywood, there’s a concierge desk in the lobby with someone who can help.

Lobby bar
brown couches and chairs set up in the lobby
tables and chairs with large open windows in the background

The bar in the lobby serves up a variety of food and drinks. There are comfortable seats at the bar, but you can also be served at the seating around the room. There is comfortable lounge seating for those that want to kick back as well as tables and chairs who want to sit up and dine. Some of the tables overlook the pool and have nice views of the hills outside.

USH Sheraton Universal Hotel Tour Universal Studios Hollywood 10

The menu has starters, greens, sandwiches, pizza, and large bites. There’s also desserts and a kid’s menu. From small bites like rustic bread service and truffle fries, to full meals like grilled New York steak, there’s a something for everyone. We ordered a grilled cheese and it was fantastic!

USH Sheraton Universal Hotel Tour Universal Studios Hollywood 11

There’s a variety of cocktails and even some non-alcoholic mocktails on the menu. The Location Manager with gin, lemongrass syrup, cucumber, basil, and fresh lime is a favorite of ours.

Espresso martini with 3 espresso beans on top

But you have to get the espresso martini! These bartenders know how to make an incredible espresso martini. If you’re visiting for Halloween Horror Nights and need a good way to start a long night, hit up the lobby bar for one of these!

USH Sheraton Universal Hotel Tour Universal Studios Hollywood 24
USH Sheraton Universal Hotel Tour Universal Studios Hollywood 26

At the time of writing, the shop in the lobby is under refurbishment. It looks like they will be adding a coffee shop into the old location that will be called Universal Perk. Since the store is closed, there is a set up in the lobby with a self check out. There’s a microwave and an ATM in the lobby, too.

USH Sheraton Universal Hotel Tour Universal Studios Hollywood 25

There’s computers and a printer in the lobby, should you need them.

USH Sheraton Universal Hotel Tour Universal Studios Hollywood 23

If you wanna splash around and cool off, there’s a small pool outdoors.

Hotel entrance with "Sheraton Universal" text on the wall

Just to the right of the entrance of the hotel, there is a shuttle bus stop. The bus takes guests between the Sheraton Universal, the Hilton, and Universal CityWalk Hollywood. The drop off location will be right by Johnny Rocket’s and NBC Bar & Grille in CityWalk.

pathway between Johnny Rocket's and NBC Grille
USH Sheraton Universal Hotel Tour Universal Studios Hollywood 2

When you’re ready to leave, the shuttle bus picks you up between Johnny Rocket’s and the NBC Bar and Grille in CityWalk. There’s a sign marking the bus stop and a digital map so you can see where the bus is and when it will arrive. You can also scan a QR code to get updates on the shuttle. The shuttles pick up every 15 minutes.

Sheraton Universal Hotel Room

wide shot of hotel room with 2 queen beds

We had a standard queen room with 2 queen beds. This room was on the 18th floor and had a great view.

2 queen beds

The beds are extremely comfortable. This is one of the most important things to note about the room. After walking up and down hills and running around the theme parks, it’s nice to have a bed that will give you a good night’s rest. You’ll wanna be sure to get up early for Super Nintendo World!

a small couch, desk, chair, and tv

There’s a luggage rack in the corner and a small couch in the room.

a tv on a small round table and a rolling desk chair

The rooms are very spacious. Not only is there a couch, but there’s a small desk and office chair in this room. The rooms are comfortable and functional.

Pandora, Netflix, and YouTube icons on the tv screen and a Los Angeles book on the desk

During our previous visit, the room with the single bed offered larger desk space. If you’re working, the desk space is very useful to be able to set up your laptop.

6 small framed photos on the wall

There’s some black and white artwork and photos of Universal Studios framed on the wall. The Universal Studios Hollywood entrance arch and globe are among the pictures.

A close up of the Back to the Future Delorean car print

The Back to the Future Delorean print is one of our favorites. The Delorean is formed with 3 separate pieces, representing the 3 movies.

2 queen beds
Black reading lamps on the sides of the headboards

There are outlets on both sides of the bed. There’s also USB outlets and alarm clock. Each bed also has it’s own small reading light on the side of the headboard.

A view of the theme park, mountains, and a parking lot from the hotel room
a wide shot of mountains in the distance and parts of the theme park

This is the view from our window. Universal Studios Hollywood can be seen on the right side. There’s a giant Minion peering over the top of the parking garage for the park on the far right. There’s also a view of Jurassic World and the construction site for the new Fast and Furious roller coaster being built.

Another angle of the room with the bed and the couch
a closet, mini fridge, and coffee station

At the front of the room, there’s a mini fridge, coffee maker, and complimentary bottled water.

a silver ice bucket, plastic wrapped cups, and bottles of water labeled complimentary

There’s bottled water, cups, and an ice bucket set out nicely on a tray. The plastic water cups are individually wrapped.

ush sheraton hotel room tour 3092

The coffee maker is not a Keurig, but there are packs of coffee and tea in the drawer and some paper cups. Make yourself a cup of coffee to go and hit the parks early!

an empty black mini fridge with the door open

There’s a small mini fridge in the room. If you’re grabbing a snack or drink from downstairs, this mini fridge is perfect.

clear closet doors with hangers visible through them

The closet has plenty of space in it. The clear front also helps prevent leaving something behind when you’re checking out. The closet also has an ironing board and iron inside. This is very useful, especially if you’re attending a special event in Hollywood.

an iron sitting on top of a safe

The closet also has a small safe for storing your valuables.

a toilet, sink, and shower

The bathroom has a sliding door that separates it from the room and has a single sink, toilet, and a large shower. There’s a photo of the Hollywood sign framed above the toilet.

an angle of the sink, mirror, and toilet only
the sink, long rectangular mirror, and towels and soap on the right

Bar soap, lotion, and soap are available and set up next to the sink. Below the sink, you’ll find towels and a hair dryer.

an angle of the toilet and shower
glass shower door open

Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash can be found mounted to the wall. The shower is huge and has 2 shower heads.

framed Hollywood sign

The Sheraton Universal is the perfect spot to stay in you’re visiting Universal Studios Hollywood. Take another look at the hotel in our video tour below.

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