VIDEO: Guest Jumps into AquaSphere at Tokyo DisneySea

Toni Ferrigno

Guest jumps into the AquaSphere at Tokyo DisneySea

VIDEO: Guest Jumps into AquaSphere at Tokyo DisneySea

A guest at Tokyo DisneySea jumped into the park’s AquaSphere fountain, and the footage was later uploaded to social media.

Guest Shares Video of Jumping into AquaSphere

Guest jumping into the AquaSphere

A TikTok account using the name Rock Lee shared a video of a guest jumping into the DisneySea AquaSphere, a fountain that can be found at the front of Tokyo DisneySea. In the video, the person, who appears to be the TikTok account owner, can be seen dressed as Rock Lee, an anime character from the popular “Naruto” franchise. He removes his jacket, then runs toward the fountain, jumping backward into the water.

Watch the video below:

So far, there has been no word if there were any repercussions for their actions.

This is only the latest in water-related guest incidents at Disney Parks around the world. This year alone, we’ve seen a guest swim topless at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort, another fall into Snow White’s wishing well at Disneyland Park, one fall into the Rivers of America at Magic Kingdom, and a Disneyland Paris guest wading in the water of “it’s a small world.”

AquaSphere Plaza

The AquaSphere at DisneySea

The AquaSphere welcomes guests to DisneySea with a massive spinning Earth and flowing water. The fountain symbolizes the sea theme of the park, with the “water planet” as a central focus. The fountain is a popular photo location for guests. The pavement of the AquaSphere Plaza that surrounds the water feature was entirely torn up and repaved while the park was closed during the COVID-19 closures.

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