“Remain Seated Inside Your Boat!” Woman Wades in ‘it’s a small world’ Water, Pulls Four Children Out of Boat at Disneyland Paris During Unexpected Downtime

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“Remain Seated Inside Your Boat!” Woman Wades in ‘it’s a small world’ Water, Pulls Four Children Out of Boat at Disneyland Paris During Unexpected Downtime

TikTok user georgiataylor2199 recently shared footage of a woman and four children disembarking “it’s a small world” at Disneyland Paris during an unexpected stoppage of the ride, despite Cast Members asking that guests remain seated.

Woman Evacuates Group from ‘it’s a small world’ at Disneyland Paris Despite Cast Member Protests

A woman is shown wading into the water at "it's a small world" in Disneyland Paris.
Image Source: georgiataylor2199 on TikTok

The video begins showing a woman already in the water of the finale scene in “it’s a small world,” having taken off her shoes and deposited her belongings on the section of set to her right.

The woman pulls out a small child, from the boat to the set.
Image Source: georgiataylor2199 on TikTok

The woman stands in the water, pants rolled up to her knees, and encourages the four children with her to step onto the side of the boat so she can lift them out and over to the other side.

The woman holds the other child back, as she prepares to lift a third child from the boat.
Image Source: georgiataylor2199 on TikTok

As she lifts out the first two children, an overhead announcement can be heard in French and English, asking that guests “please remain seated” while the attraction is “temporarily interrupted.”

Guests are required to remain in ride vehicles when attractions are stopped for any reason for their safety. They should never leave the vehicle without a Cast Member present, as they are trained on safe and appropriate evacuation methods. Not only are there legitimate safety concerns, such as being barefoot in the middle of a water-based ride with electrical components and other unseen obstacles in the water, but an unauthorized evacuation could also lead to damage to the ride and its scenery.

The woman gathers her belongings and leads the four children away from the ride path.
Image Source: georgiataylor2199 on TikTok

A Cast Member then takes to the mic and speaks in French and English, telling guests to remain in the boat. The woman responds, but it is difficult to understand what she is saying.

The woman continues her own evacuation and wades further down the boat to get the final two children out. Once all four children are removed from the boat, the woman gets back up onto the set, grabs her belongings and shoes, and leads the group barefoot around the finale scene of the attraction, seemingly toward an exit.

The group walks through the "it's a small world" set to find an exit.
Image Source: georgiataylor2199 on TikTok

At this point, the Cast Member on the overhead speaker can be heard speaking loudly to the group, and two of the children run back onto the set, seemingly confused about where to go. It is here where the video ends.

You can watch the TikTok in full for yourself below:

A guest handling their own ride evacuation is just the latest guest incident to take place at Disney Parks. Just last week, an unattended child pushed a Stormtrooper and tried to take their blaster in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Last month, one guest yelled at another in a Disneyland Resort bathroom for speaking Spanish; Disneyland security reportedly dismissed the victim’s concerns. Back at Walt Disney World, a man verbally accosted guests after cutting the line and accused other guests of using racial slurs. In May 2023, an angry guest slapped a tablet out of a Cast Member’s hands at Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure in EPCOT, which caused the tablet to hit her rib cage and sent her to the hospital.

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