VIDEO: Florida Man Verbally Accosts Guests After Reportedly Cutting Them In Line for Soarin’ at EPCOT, Accuses Guests of Using Racial Slurs

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VIDEO: Florida Man Verbally Accosts Guests After Reportedly Cutting Them In Line for Soarin’ at EPCOT, Accuses Guests of Using Racial Slurs

In a video shared by TikTok user Theme Park Vibes, a Florida man and his group of guests were removed from the Soarin’ queue at EPCOT after they cut to the front of the line and proceeded to loudly shout expletives at other guests.

Guests Removed After Cutting in Line and Shouting Expletives at EPCOT

In the TikTok video embedded below, several minutes of footage of a group of guests shouting expletives and defending their decision to cut in line ends with Cast Members escorting them out of line.

The embedded video contains highly offensive language and hate speech. Reader/viewer discretion is advised.


We were just trying to smell some oranges on Soarin in Epcot… #disneyfight #epcot

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Florida Man and Group removed after shouting expletives and cutting in line

The main subject of the recording is KJ Brathwaite of Daytona Beach, Florida, who repeatedly expresses that he plays football at the University of Central Florida and to “Google” him, offers to lend social media clout by adding the recorder on Snapchat, and tells both other guests and members of his own party to “shut the f*** up.”

soarin cut line screaming expletives 4

He insists that the other guests in line tailgate at his football games, presenting it in conversation as if it should excuse his jumping in line.

UCF Knights Tiktok Comment

The official TikTok account for the UCF Knights later commented on the original video, stating that Brathwaite “is not and has never been a member of the UCF Football program.”

soarin cut line screaming expletives 1

He and his companions call the man recording the video “Harry Potter” among other insults and slurs.

soarin cut line screaming expletives 2

He pulls out his own camera and records the person recording him, as well. At one point in the video, the group is asked to stop yelling expletives by a parent because there are children present. Briefly, the group of guests refrains from using foul language before resuming.

soarin cut line screaming expletives 5

After a couple of minutes, a group of Cast Members arrives and escorts the group down a hallway while the other guests continue forward in the ride queue.

Brathwaite shared his own follow-up video on his personal TikTok account, backpedaling on his claim that he plays football, apologizing for his language to any children that may have been present, and claiming that the person recording the video used racial slurs against him before he began filming. He also says he was removed from line, but not removed from the park. You can watch his response video here:

He also recorded another follow-up to his response video to say that he was not excusing his behavior while in line for Soarin’, which you can watch here:


nobodys perfect , but also nobody should Ever be called racial slurs or comments regardless of the color of their skin or how they are especially something as minimal as a line skip

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Guests Behaving Badly at Disney Parks

Walt Disney World Stock Image

This is unfortunately not the only recent incident caught on camera of guests behaving badly at Disney Parks. Just a few weeks ago, a guest walked around set pieces and streaked inside and out of ‘it’s a small world’ at Disneyland Park before being removed by security. Earlier this year, a guest flashed her chest in a TikTok video aboard the Disney Skyliner.

Another family made videos of their child, whom they had fit with elevator shoes to sneak him onto rides he didn’t meet the safety height requirement to ride. A man jumped into World Showcase lagoon in EPCOT for a bet this fall. And, just yesterday, we reported that an Instagram video going viral shows one racist Disneyland guest yelling at another for speaking Spanish in America. 

Even more incidents of fights in Disney Parks continue to find their way onto social media. A massive fight broke out at Magic Kingdom earlier this year, resulting in police officers tackling guests.

In December 2022, a fight broke out during the ‘Hunchback of Notre Dame’ Section of Harmonious at EPCOT.

In July 2022, a massive brawl broke out near Peter Pan’s Flight in Magic Kingdom.  Two families made national news when they got into combat in the middle of Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland over an alleged bump in a ride queue. At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, a man claimed he was assaulted by children, but ended up arrested for child abuse. A screaming match at the Transportation and Ticket Center thankfully didn’t get physical, but there have also been multiple fights on the Magic Kingdom ferryboats.

Have you ever witnessed guests behaving badly at Disney Parks? Let us know in the comments.

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