Brawl Breaks Out Near Peter Pan’s Flight at the Magic Kingdom

Spencer Lloyd

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Brawl Breaks Out Near Peter Pan’s Flight at the Magic Kingdom

Spencer Lloyd

Updated on:

Brawl Breaks Out Near Peter Pan’s Flight at the Magic Kingdom

UPDATE 2: The guest who previously reached out to WDWNT told us their family had been banned, and guests from the other family were arrested.

UPDATE: One of the families involved in the brawl reached out to WDWNT to provide details and more footage.

In yet another incident of physical violence among guests, a brawl broke out among a large group of guests, this time at the Magic Kingdom.

A close angle from TikTok user @straightstunner (now removed) shows the fight between two groups of guests, one dressed in identical white shirts and red shorts. Clothes and accessories are strewn on the ground. One guest attempts to break up the fight but is repelled and ends up knocking down a parked stroller.

In another angle posted on TikTok by user @joy_mac (now also removed), we also see the brawl stop for a moment before another person throws a punch, and multiple fights break out after.

The incident took place between Fantasy Faire and Peter Pan’s Flight in Fantasyland at WDW. Orange County Sheriffs, the Reedy Creek Fire Department, and paramedics were all on scene shortly after according to reports. The cause behind the fight is unknown.

From guests waiting for “Fantasmic!” at Disneyland to the ferry boats at the Magic Kingdom, incidents of guest violence have exploded since the COVID-19 pandemic, with more than a half dozen reports in the past year alone.

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26 thoughts on “Brawl Breaks Out Near Peter Pan’s Flight at the Magic Kingdom”

  1. It’s absolutely disgusting!! It is making me really wary. I haven’t seen this here in the UK at parks. I don’t want my girls seeing this at the happiest place in the world. I don’t care what has been said etc these people should conduct themselves in a better manner and should think of all the children around them!! Have some respect for others!!

  2. This is use to be the happiest place on earth, where I could go to get away from all the craziness in the world and now the crazy has reached my happy place. I’m definitely reconsidering my annual pass purchase update this year. Not sure it’s even worth it anymore. Sad! I wish we could have old Disney back…

    • While I don’t disagree that the prices are getting a little crazy, I was there Saturday and didn’t wait over 30 minutes for anything. If you don’t like it, I have to wonder why you’re commenting on a Disney news site.

    • Waiting hour already to ride guardians Unless u still want to wait a long time, buy the lightning lane option as Disney is all about the money now a days.
      This coming from AP and DVC holder!
      No magic just $$$$
      There is no magic left Walt would never approve of what’s going on in the parks now a days.

  3. This literal brawl unfolded right in front of my children and me as we were also leaving Philharmagic and heading towards Frontierland at the time. I actually spotted us very briefly in one of the many videos posted, as once I had realized what was happening right next to us I rushed my children away from the area as quickly as I could. In that short amount of time we witnessed so much physical violence so quickly that it was very unsettling! Not just to me, my poor son was so upset that I had to constantly assure him he was safe, that those people would be removed and never step foot in the park again, and that yes it was terrible but we should try not to let it ruin the rest of our day when in all honesty I just felt so helpless and sad that they saw such things. I was and am still truly disgusted and horrified by that ridiculous show of hateful, violent behavior. Although I hear of these things happening, I have never seen anything like it in my life, in the absolute last place I expected, and sadly in front of so many innocent children!

  4. And how much are the prices for entry these days? Yeah Disney be like, its all good were still raking in trillions of dollars on these fools. Security? What security? Some family destination. Walt would be so disgusted in what the Disney cirporation is today.

  5. Preface, I’m 70.
    In the summer of 1959, my father took me with him to Anaheim for a dental convention and after his meetings, we went twice to Disneyland. According to the photos, he wore a sports coat without a tie and I had a bowtie at least on the way to the park. It was an event to dress nicely for, like flying once was. People running around in something akin to loungewear, what would you expect. Low standards lead to low behaviors.

  6. Maybe they should see that their decision to sell more tickets to make more money will hurt them in the long run, I am not renewing my annual pass . If I want to experience uncontrolled crowded behavior I can stay in nyc. Very sad that violence keeps getting noticed at Disney world .. very sad … indeed.

  7. It’s crazy to see family fighting at a Theme Park when we all should embrace one another. There are more thing we should be fighting for, like health care, lower food prices, gas prices, more money giving to the middle class, and poor. Fight for our right. Fight for racism, speak about a better leadership and all the other stuff that make American fight for that.

  8. Disney has to take some accountability on this one and realize that they are adding stress on families who are trying to see and do as much as they can in a short window. Go back to the original fast pass system and extra magic hours, it worked successfully for years. No excuse for this type of behavior, but I’m sure when the family excitedly headed out for the day, in their matching shirts and Mickey ears, they did not expect their day to end this way. The new genie+ has made the attraction wait times intolerable and even the most mild mannered are being put to the test. Sadly, most families will not continue to be taken advantage of and will retaliate by finding other vacation destinations.

  9. I used to go to Disney and think this is where we can all come together as diverse people and get along. But this world is full of evil and there is no safe place.

  10. I hope the family that was attacked was not banned. I did not see any security in the video I watched. It took far too long for them to respond to this situation. To blame people for defending themselves is wrong if security was not their to protect them.

  11. Unfortunately, you can’t always avoid it, not matter how much you try. Several years ago when they first opened the “Double Dumbo” waiting area, my three boys were accosted by a crazed “Karen” who accused them of spitting on her son. 100% humidity in FL and it being located directly across from a splash area, means my boys were soaked and dripping water. Karen couldn’t understand that, and try as they did, my boys couldn’t escape her. Luckily, cast members intervened and had security escort her from the park before she forced a situation where police ejected/banned/trespassed my sons as well for no fault of their own.

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