Three Brothers Brawl in Yet Another Ferryboat Related Fight at Magic Kingdom

Guests continue to escalate to violence at the Most Magical Place on Earth as another brawl broke out at the Magic Kingdom last month near the ferryboats.

A group of brothers, grown men, came to blows while waiting for the ferry. It took law enforcement to break up the fight, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s arrest report that details the latest incident of guests behaving badly.

“All three defendants were engaged in mutual combat in a public place and did cause people to stop their travel and watch as the defendants physically fought in front of the Magic Kingdom,” a recently released sheriff’s arrest report said.

The incident happened just after 9 p.m. on April 3, according to the report. The brothers, who were visiting from the Atlanta area, were ages 26, 28, and 33.

The melee broke out 10 feet away from where a sheriff’s deputy was on patrol.

“I could see several males fighting and other males attempting to break up the physical fight,” the deputy wrote. “It was unclear who started the physical altercation, but it was clear that several people were fighting at once and with no disregard for public safety.” (We presume he meant no “regard” for public safety.)

No one was seriously injured, according to the report.

The deputy’s body camera captured at least part of the fight. (The sheriff’s office has not responded to our records request to release the footage.)

One of the brothers “was unable to calm down” and “was secured until Patrol Units arrived.”

Why were the brothers fighting in the first place? It’s unclear. Deputies didn’t know since the brothers refused to speak to authorities or give any written statements after the fight.

Two of the brothers were arrested for domestic violence and were taken to jail without any problems.

The third brother was not arrested because he was the parent of a young child, but charges were forwarded to the state attorney’s office, the report noted.

However, the men won’t face any legal consequences. The state attorney’s office decided not to press any criminal charges, which is why we’re not identifying the men involved.

“From the investigation which has been made, it is the opinion of the writer that this case is not suitable for prosecution,” the state attorney’s office said in a court document filed Saturday. The filing didn’t give any details on the decision not to pursue charges.

This is the latest in an increasingly frequent series of fighting at Walt Disney World, including families fighting over a stroller collision, multiple brawls on the Magic Kingdom ferryboats, a fistfight at Living With the Land in EPCOT, and more.

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  1. most magical? with paycheck, more like most expensive place on earth! such a shame the depths disney has devolved into with paycheck at the helm.

  2. I wonder if alcohol was involved ? This is why Walt said many yrs ago that he did not want alcohol because there would be problems. Whoever decided to bring it in broke Walt’s mandate!

  3. First off, I want to thank the Sheriff’s Department at Disney World for moving quickly with all of these violent events. Secondly, how do these scumbags afford WDW? LOL. You’d think they would have been priced out a year ago.

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