Yet Another Guest Fight Documented Aboard Magic Kingdom Ferryboat Following Fireworks

Two Chicago tourists accused a Tennessee woman of ramming a stroller through the post-fireworks crowds in line at the Magic Kingdom ferry. It sparked a melee and calls to Orange County Sheriff’s Office, sheriff’s records show.

Nobody was arrested or appeared seriously hurt in the July 12 incident that marks at least the second time in nearly eight weeks Disney-goers fought either inside the ferry or near it. A brawl broke out on the Magic Kingdom ferry in early September that was recorded and posted on social media, catching swift media attention.

In response to a public records request, the sheriff’s office released the body cam footage this week for the July incident. The footage shows the Chicago women and the Tennessee couple describing what happened to the deputies.

A Disney cast member told people in line for the ferry to fill in all the empty spaces. A gate opened and “everybody’s rushing this way,” the Chicago woman said.

Among those trying to get onto the ferry was a Tennessee woman pushing a stroller while she argued with her husband. The Tennessee woman ran into the Chicago woman’s mother with the stroller.

“She started storming forward with the stroller … My mom was like, ‘Oh, I’m sorry, my bad.  And (the Tennessee woman) was like, ‘Just get out the way,’” the Chicago woman told deputies. “My mom was like, ‘OK, well we’re all trying to get out of here.”

And then the Tennessee woman did it again, ramming her mother a second time with the stroller, the Chicago woman said.

“I was like, ‘Hey! Do not hit my mom with a stroller!’ She was like, ‘You can move too,’” the Chicago woman said. “She elbowed me and I fell back.”

It knocked her into other people, the Chicago woman said.

One bystander saw what happened next after the stroller bump, describing it as elbows flying and the Tennessee man “mouthing off real bad,” a Disney employee told deputies. “And then it went to the ground.”

The Tennessee woman told authorities they got jumped by the Chicago women’s group.

The Tennessee man’s knees were scraped up, and his wife had a cut on her scalp. She complained of a headache, the sheriff’s report said.

In the body video cam footage, the Tennessee man can be heard saying, “Why wasn’t security here to start with? I’m a teacher and a coach… You got to realize, I’ve been a teacher for 30 years. … I’m not a bad guy. We’d like to have a decent vacation… I’m never coming back to Disney again.”

The sheriff’s report noted the Tennessee man “used racial slurs and was verbally abusive to Disney Security and deputies.”

Deputies escorted the Chicago woman and her mother as well as the Tennessee couple into security offices at the Magic Kingdom and interviewed them in separate rooms. The incident didn’t appear to be caught on Disney security cameras, and the witnesses in the ferry line weren’t eager to get involved. 

The Tennessee woman, who was visibly upset in the footage, told authorities she was upset at her husband’s behavior, the sheriff’s report said.

“I know temperatures were hot,” Deputy James Moye later told the Tennessee man. “If you press charges on them, they’re going to press charges on you, and then I got to take four people to jail.”

“I apologize for everything that happened,” the Tennessee man said.

The deputy’s appeal worked. Both sides said all they wanted to do was leave the park that night. WDWNT is not naming them as no charges were filed.

Moye sympathized with the group, he told them, because of the “mad rush” after the fireworks were over and how tensions can quickly rise in the crowds.

“I understand what you were saying about the crowding because I know how it can be after the fireworks,” Moye said to the Chicago women. “Everybody’s trying to get to the ferry boat. They’re trying to get to the buses, the monorail, all that. I get it, OK?”

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1 month ago

Hopefully someone can ID him and report him to his school. He’s been a coach and teacher for 30 years? He has no business in that profession if he’s using racial slurs.

1 month ago

and just think folks. the parks are still not a full capacity. i wonder why i call it manic kingdom?

1 month ago

This happened way back in June! Wonder why it is just now being reported??

1 month ago

I find this has more to do with parks not staying open as late anymore and the fact that busses are not as frequent and no trams either. You try and same money from a company perspective and you get a lot more of this. People’s time and money are too important now for good behaviour apparently. Going to Disney on a yearly basis for people is just not the norm anymore. There are so many factors that play a role in why we are seeing more and more arguments and fights in Disney world. It’s a shame why people… Read more »

20 days ago

I’m surprised how slow Disney security is these days. In the past there would be undercover security that would’ve interfered within 30 seconds of the incident instead outside security had to come and in the end nobody filed charged nor were banned from the parks. Also surprised Disney itself didn’t issue any warnings to them.