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VIDEO: Guests Fight in Front of Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom

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Yet another fight between guests has been documented on camera, this time in front of Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom. TikTok user @heather7marie shared the video, with added “Happily Ever After” audio in the background. It was later re-uploaded without the “Happily Ever After” audio then removed entirely, but you can still watch it below.

In the video, two guests are fighting while friends and family, including children, attempt to intervene. A managerial Cast Member (seen holding a trash picker) keeps other guests away from the main fight and gently pulls the children back. By the end of the video, the guests have separated and nobody appears seriously injured.

A commenter claiming to have witnessed the fight said it started because one guest ran into another with a stroller and that the Cast Member was trying to stop them.

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      1. Are there bath salts in the water there in Florida? Anaheim not having as many issues. Florida (wo)man strikes again!!

      1. Where is the tolerance at the most Happily place on earth? Where you get stumped by a stroller and that means a fight? Good gracious! There are thousands of people there everyday! And btw where is security?

  1. This seems to happen daily now. Not sure why Disney allows this trash to continue in front of children but holding people back so the fighting can continue doesn’t make me feel safe. Where is security?

    1. Security is too busy playing mask police. I guess we see where Disney’s priorities are.

  2. Unfortunately trash knows no financial boundaries. Just cause you have the money to get in does not mean you are a polite upstanding person. To quote a great philosopher “stupid is as stupid does.”

  3. This is disgusting. Whoever was fighting should be ashamed of themselves. I am not saving up thousands of pounds to bring my 5 and 7 year old girls to see this sort of embarrassing behaviour. Disney should be embarrassed also that there is not enough security to be able to deal with this and mask patrol!! Whoever you individuals are please have a chat with yourself and remember you are meant to be role models to your children/family and that is definitely not role model behaviour.

  4. maybe guests are fighting because they are paying so much more for so much less? they feel a little cheated and are acting up because someone else thinks they deserve more than they are getting? just saying. of course, bob the beancounters next great idea will be to charge even more. because obviously that beancounter thought process is keeping the guests happy and content. right?

    1. Absolutely. The tension in the parks could be cut with a knife since the flustercuck GeniePlus (which is really ZoltarZip🙄) began. The stress of having your day run by an often malfunctioning system, trying to ‘get your money’s worth’, standing in the ‘bad line’ of you don’t pay up, & being glued to your phone on your vacay/holiday is palpable. That said, zero excuse for this behavior! Merely perhaps an explanation.
      The parks/experience are literally being destroyed. I’ve been going since 16wks after the gates first opened. Have been through & seen many changes. Things are NOT good😔

  5. The funny writing above states “the castmember was trying to stop them” it appeared to me he was just holding his arms up and saying please stop. If you listen closely he is saying that popcorn buckets are only $25.99 and Chapek needs another $20 million raise so please stop fighting and start spending more money!!!!
    Castmembers must now be trained in MMA to deal with the trash descending on WDW right now.

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