VIDEO: Guest Fight Breaks Out at Living With the Land in EPCOT

Yet another fight has broken out at Walt Disney World, this time at Living With the Land in EPCOT.

Twitter user @DisneyVengenz shared a video last night of the fight, which happened in the disembarkation area of the peaceful attraction. In the video, one guest is on the ground while his partner attempts to stop another family from attacking him. A managerial Cast Member on the sidelines is telling them to stop. Within the 30 second video, the guest on the ground is able to stand and the families separate, so it seems everybody walked away physically fine. The exact reason for the fight is not clear.

There have been several physical altercations at Walt Disney World recently, including on the Magic Kingdom ferryboats.

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  1. If this is a Disney venue, then why does it look like the end of a shopping mall that isn’t intended for public access?

      1. Disney has the highest standard of any artistic company on earth. I would like to see theming nonstop. I grew up with that. Disney World could use an awful lot more theming. Nothing is too lavish.

  2. I’ve been a lifer to WDW since my childhood, now in my mid 30s. Came down this past April and October; and the absolute stupidity of recent events is appalling. Walking around the parks all I heard was “Sh$* this and F##K you” and saw children being slapped at. It’s no longer a humble family environment. Blame it on the masks or society. But I do think cast members should step in and tell folks to chill out and please ban them.

  3. Listen, I miss Kitchen Kabaret as much as the next person but we don’t need to resort to violence over it.

  4. From the short video, it’s hard to tell who is at fault. But it is clear that the woman to the right wearing dark clothing & cap kicks the man a couple of times, while he is helplessly on the ground. Not a good sign for that family. – I hope Disney investigates and bans the appropriate people.

  5. This is sickening to see. I don’t understand why people need to fight if they’re on vacation or just visiting. This seems to be happening a lot more frequently since Disney World reopened. I know that we are still in a pandemic, but people should be able to function like normal adults and not have these kind of altercations. There needs to be a policy put in place and security at ALL attractions from now on until people can function properly again because apparently acting like a normal human is a difficult thing to do.

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