Guest Gets Irate During Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure Breakdown, Slaps iPad from Cast Member and Sends Them to Hospital

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Guest Gets Irate During Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure Breakdown, Slaps iPad from Cast Member and Sends Them to Hospital

Another tourist has been accused of behaving badly at Walt Disney World, while landing a Cast Member in the hospital with minor injuries. This situation led to the man’s arrest on May 30 of this year and a battery charge filed against him.

Irate Guest at Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

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According to the Orange County Sheriff’s report, Seth Davis — a 39-year-old from San Bernardino, Calif. — was upset because he was in line at EPCOT’s Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure when the ride had technical difficulties.

Ratatouille shut down, so Davis couldn’t get on immediately. Davis became “ irate” with a Cast Member when he learned the ride was no longer operating and he couldn’t get back in line for the ride. The Cast Member reported Davis becoming “verbally aggressive,” so he went to get his manager to help with the situation. Davis demanded he receive a Lightning Lane admission when the ride reopened again and argued with the manager, who was trying to help him.

Using her tablet, the manager said she would try to get him into the line faster, but unfortunately, it was a day when not everything was running smoothly at Disney World. The manager’s tablet wasn’t working properly either. It didn’t scan Davis’ guest pass, the sheriff’s report said, which made him even angrier.

When the manager reached to grab another tablet to try a second time, Davis “slapped the tablet out of her left hand, causing it to hit the right side of her rib cage and fall on the ground,” the report said. The manager alerted staff “she had been hit,” and was transported to an AdventHealth emergency room at Flamingo Crossings Town Center with minor injuries to her left hand and her rib cage.

Photographs of the manager’s injuries were taken for evidence, and the sheriff’s deputy read Davis his Miranda warning, after which he agreed to speak without an attorney.

Davis admitted “he became upset when the Ratatouille attraction got shut down while he was waiting in line and began demanding to be allowed into the fast line when the ride re-opened.

Seth [Davis] stated he became so upset during the argument with [the manager] that he reached out and slapped the tablet out of [the manager’s] hand in a lack of judgment.

Source: Government of Orange County, FL

Davis was handcuffed, arrested, and taken to the Orange County Jail after authorities said they had probable cause he committed battery, noting they also found two independent witnesses who saw what happened.

Last month, Davis pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor battery charge, according to online Orange Circuit Court records.

He is being represented by the Office of the Public Defender, which could not be reached for comment Friday when WDWNT contacted them.

Previous Walt Disney World Incidents

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Unfortunately, this is not the first time there has been a brawl at The Most Magical Place on Earth. There have been multiple occurrences where physical altercations have broken out at Walt Disney World over the last few years, including incidents at the entrance of Magic Kingdom and over in Tomorrowland.

In December 2022, a fight broke out during the ‘Hunchback of Notre Dame’ portion of Harmonious at EPCOT.

In July 2022, a massive brawl broke out near Peter Pan’s Flight in Magic Kingdom. Two families made national news when they got into combat in the middle of Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland over an alleged bump in a ride queue.

At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, a man claimed he was assaulted by children, but ended up arrested for child abuse. A screaming match at the Transportation and Ticket Center thankfully didn’t get physical, though there have also been multiple fights on the Magic Kingdom ferryboats.

At Disneyland, a guest with a baby waded in the water on Pirates of the Caribbean during a breakdown, instead of waiting for a Cast Member.

It has gotten escalated to a point at which Disney felt the need to add a “courtesy” section to their website.

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The Courtesy section reads, “Be the magic you want to see in the world. You must always remember to treat others with respect, kindness and compassion. Those who can’t live up to this simple wish may be asked to leave Walt Disney World Resort.”

Have you ever witnessed poor guest behavior at Walt Disney World? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. You’re only hearing about the incidents that Cast Members have chosen to file charges. As a cast member myself I can assure you that this is only the tip of the iceberg.

  2. In May we were leaving Disney Springs on the bus, as we were moving towards the back my daughter and I looked down and saw two seats open.We always stand in case someone is in need but if it optimizes room we of course will sit. This kid jumped across all the seats as we kept moving towards the back of the bus. We said nothing we thought nothing. Just “filled in all available space as we are asked “. His mom started screaming at us she didn’t appreciate “the look” . There was no look or anything just a packed bus and continued moving towards the back. She just kept going off. No idea what she planned to accomplish except making everyone feel uncomfortable.

  3. Honestly I am so tired of hearing about this kind of behavior from guests. My husband and I went with family to Disney World last year, and didn’t make it on to Remy ourselves. I understand completely how stressful this vacation can be as everyone wants the most bang for their buck, and at WDW it’s a hell of a lot of bucks!!!! However, that doesn’t mean you need to lose your mind and disrespect others just because you don’t get your way. Things are never going to be 100% perfect on any vacation, or in life for that matter.

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